• Get to know us, and what we do and how we do it “the dampa way”

Since 1951 we have specialised in the development and production of acoustic steel and aluminum ceilings as well as acoustic wall panels for the building and marine industries. Our wide range of standard and special solutions for ceilings and walls are all produced locally at our factory in Tommerup on Funen. This ensures that we can always quickly and flexibly deliver the optimal solution in terms of design, functionality and quality.


Our core competence is to create solutions for beautiful architecture using both standard and customized surfaces. In close cooperation with the industry’s planners, we continuously seek to solve the challenges that arise in every construction project.

We focus on what we do best

DAMPA believe in specialization and focus on what we do best. By collaborating with capable partners, we gain from what they do best. That creates synergy and this is the main reason why DAMPA can deliver best-in-class solutions regardless of the challenges our customers present us. 


We meet challenges “the DAMPA way”. DAMPA is a member and part of the Metalcolour Group, which has more than 40 years of experience in coating and laminating steel and aluminium. Jointly we provide a wide range of decorative coating options such as polyester and other coating systems as well as lamination of foils for applications where special design or functional features are required.


The combination of DAMPA and Metalcolour provides you with the widest range of options and the deepest knowledge of coating techniques found anywhere in the industry.



Beautiful, simple and functional

We have a very long experience in delivering ceiling solutions to both the Building and Marine industries. We use our knowledge and expertise to develop specially adapted solutions for all the stakeholders in the project.


We solve the unsolvable in cooperation with you – the DAMPA way. With the metal, we can create designs that match your vision, whether you need a special colour, light integration, climate ceiling or diffuse ventilation.

Count on DAMPA as your partner

DAMPA seeks to add value to your project in many ways. We engage in the project in collaboration with you from start to finish and the result is the right solution with minimum installation time and costs.


With more than 70 years of experience and millions of square meters of successful installations, you can count on DAMPA as your partner.


This is what we call “the DAMPA way”.