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DAMPA® Clip-In Custom Tile

With DAMPA® Clip-In Custom Tile you get all the benefits of our well-known DAMPA® Clip-In Tile, but with even greater design freedom, as Clip-In Custom allows for unique sizes and dimensions.

Create a ceiling that suits your needs and wishes, with a wide selection of sizes, perforations, surfaces, etc.

The ceiling is installed in a hidden carrier system, for an elegant uniform ceiling surface. With DAMPA’s disassembly tool, it is also easy to disassemble and reassemble the cassettes, e.g. according to access to installations above the ceiling.

  • Can be used as a hygiene and secured ceiling
  • Accommodate maintenance
  • Endless design possibilities

DAMPA® Clip-In Custom Tile allows for full design freedom, so that together we can create a ceiling that perfectly suits your wishes and needs. Choose from different materials, dimensions, colours, perforation patterns, acoustic felt and edges.

In addition to the good acoustic properties, it is also possible to integrate light, ventilation, climate ceiling, etc. Through our partners, we offer various options that are designed and adapted to the individual solution.

Like the DAMPA® Clip-In Tile, the Clip-In Custom Tile can be supplied with a sharp edge if you want an unbroken surface, or with a beveled edge if you want to emphasize the expression of the tiles.
DAMPA® Clip-In Custom Tile is mounted in our well-known "Clip-In" system, which is suitable for frequent access to installations above. Disassembly and reassembly of the tiles can be easily done with DAMPA's simple disassembly tool.

We have also developed our ceilings together with the correctional service, so that with a few additions they can function as a secured ceiling. We have previously supplied ceilings for both renovation and new construction of prisons and psychiatric wards.


Min.  300 mm

Max. 600 mm


Min. 300 mm

Max. 1800 mm


Can be produced in steel or aluminium

Sound absorption class

Can be delivered in acoustic class A, B and C


The most used perforation pattern is AL/ST-15: Ø 1,8 mm., open area 21%

Choose perforations customized to your acoustic needs and design vision

Explore perforation options here


An often used colour is RAL 9010 (white), but the tiles can be produced in all RAL- or NCS-colours or with digital print

Read more about colours and surfaces here

Acoustic felt

Acoustic felt is often chosen in black, but can be produced in all colours based on your needs


The tiles are installed in our hidden carrier system, without any tools


DAMPA® Clip-In Custom Tiles can be dis- and remounted arbitrarily in the ceiling with our dismounting tools


Read more about the many integration possibilities here, or contact us to learn more about the options in your specific project

Fire classification

A1 - EN 13501-1

Corrosion class

Class B (confer EN13964, table 8 and 9)


The steel and the dust-free acoustic felt makes DAMPA® Clip-In Custom Tiles suitable for areas with high hygienic requirements

Secured ceiling

With a few modifications, DAMPA® Clip-In Custom Tiles can be applied as a secured ceiling e.g., in prisons or psycriatic facilities

Find relevant downloads for DAMPA® Clip-In Custom Tile.


If you need other information, please contact us.




Let our experienced team contact you to find the perfect solution for your next project.

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