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Showroom in Valby

“Along with Teamtronic, Bachmann, Wallmann og EPI Danmark we have created a new and exiting area in EPI Danmark’s showroom in Valby, where architects, developers and other interested can come to get a wealth of inspiration. E.g., you can experience a variation of DAMPA products in a new way because you can come close, feel the materials and see the materials’ play of colours”

– Architect and Project Consultant, Lone Rold

Do you want to experience the new showroom in Valby?

Visit the showroom

You can find the showroom at Høffdingsvej 34, 2500 Valby.

In the showroom, you can experience a variation of our wall and ceiling solutions such as DAMPA® Silent Board, DAMPA® Hook-On Corridor Tile and DAMPA® Clip-In Tile.

The showroom is opened in collaboration with EPI Danmark, Teamtronic, BACHMANN, Amstrup and Wallmann, that all display a selection of interesting products.



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Do you want to visit our showroom?

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Lone Rold
Project & Architect Consultant

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