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  • Benefit from our project management and logistics services

At DAMPA, we supply more than ceiling systems. Helping you through the various steps of a project is an essential part of our DNA. We can help you at every step of the way from the design and development phase, throughout the project to after-sales services.


At DAMPA, we are proud of our local production, ensuring flexibility, high quality, and reliable deliveries. By using suppliers near us, as having our own production facilities, we have the agility to adapt to your unique needs, maintain stringent quality control, and guarantee on-time deliveries.


Our local approach is not just about production; it’s about providing you with a dependable partnership that prioritizes your project’s success. 


Together with you, we find suitable solutions to:

  • Definition of basic executions
  • Identification of required factory modifications
  • Requirements for optional extras
  • Quotation

Among others, we can help you with:

Part of our service is to assist you at the very beginning of a project. Helping you find the solutions and products, that will meet your requirements is part of our job.

If our standard products do not meet your requirements, we are always willing to customize our ceiling system or come up with a new and custom-made solutions.

Our experienced team is ready to help you find the perfect solution according to your needs and design vision. Whether you need something simple or unique, we have a solution for you.

In our technical department, our technicians are always ready to assist you with detailed solutions, special constructions and integrated possibilities for your project.

We accommodate special needs for support of ceiling layouts and specifications.

DAMPA’s Project Handling Team is full of dedicated people with many years of experience in giving the right service and support, when it comes to any kind of marine and offshore project.

We always recommend an initial meeting to address issues such as; time plans, delivery schedules, layout, specifications and other details.

Issues such as labeling, handling of material on site and special requirements in respect of billing are also issues of great importance.

All DAMPA solutions are produced at our plant in Denmark. We thus support right-on-time deliveries, which entails fast and reliable delivery in any part of the world. Additionally, our products are Wheelmark-approved, ensuring compliance with stringent marine safety standards.

We provide room-by-room and/or deck-by-deck packing to simplify on-site identification and handling.

All pallets, crates and boxes are automatically marked with a specific location of a deck, area or room. This labelling system makes it easier to identify the items delivered on-site.

Furthermore, if needed, we can produce for split deliveries if stock possibilities at the yard are limited.

In the event that issues or questions arise regarding the solution and its installation, our experienced team is ready to help.

Our technical support team is also able to assist on-site, if needed.


Let our experienced team contact you to find
the perfect solution for your next project.