The many properties of DAMPA wall and ceiling solutions make them ideal for many application areas. With the acoustic properties and many integration and design possibilities, the ceiling and wall solutions are ideal for areas where a lot of people are gathered, including education & Institutions, Infrastructure, Offices & Domiciles as well as Culture & hotels. 

Besides the aforementioned, the ceilings are also tested for clean rooms making them ideal for Hospital & Health, while being able to benefit from the other properties. 

Hospital & Health

DAMPA has produced and supplied hygienic, elegant and reliable ceilings for the healthcare sector for several decades. For areas with high requirements for hygiene and cleaning, DAMPA’s acoustic ceiling and wall solutions in metal have therefore become a natural choice.

Pharma & Cleanrooms

We have developed ceilings that have been tested for use in cleanrooms so that you can get the right solution for any area with special hygiene requirements.

Education & Institutions

At DAMPA, we have many flexible solutions for education and institutions, so you can get a tailored solution that meets the building regulations’ requirements for room acoustics, without compromising on design and aesthetics.


We have delivered both ceiling and wall solutions for a variation of areas supporting infrastructure. These includes airports, bus stations, train station, metro stations etc.

We have developed DAMPA® Robust Panel for busy areas where the ceiling or walls needs to be extra strong and resistant.

Office & Domicile

Create a good working environment and ensure that your project complies with the Building Regulations (BR18) requirements for room acoustics with acoustic solutions from DAMPA.

In addition to the acoustic properties, you can get a multitude of integration options to further improve the indoor climate.

Culture & Hotels

The unlimited design possibilities, among the many integration options, makes DAMPA ceilings ideal for cultural buildings and hotels, where a unique and aesthetic solution is needed.


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