Product description

DAMPA® Silent Board Flex

DAMPA® Silent Board Flex is a serie of acoustic wall panels, consisting of six elements that can be freely combined in expression, design progress and colours. 

With the multidimensional shapes in the raw material, the light bounce up the edges and provides an expressive experience. When you meet the light and shadow from one side you are in no doubt about the dynamic and the illuminated forms, where the meeting from the opposite site gives a surprising experience of the emerging light that breaks the surface and gives more dimensions to each acoustic panel. 

With the acoustic properties of the DAMPA® Silent Board Flex, in addition to being an aesthetic design element, it will also alleviate acoustic challenges and help creating a better indoor environment in both new and existing building. 

Choose from our many standard design or customize the design by combining perforation patterns, color and expression as you wish with advice and guidance from our acoustic experts. 

To achieve a comfortable acoustics, it is recommended that the majority of the ceiling is covered with sound absorbing material. Furthermore, it is also recommended to add absorbent materials on the wall corresponding to approx. 20% of the floor area of the room, so the reverberation time is optimal. 

  • Play with the experience of sound, light and shadow
  • Optimize the acoustics in any type of room
  • Produced in sustainable materials

Product specifications

600 x 1500 mm.
300 x 1500 mm.
35 x 1500 mm.
Available in all RAL- and NCS colours
Metal surfaces - contact us for more information
Customization available
Customized to your acoustic needs and design vision
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Since 1951 we have through our "Form-Follows-Function"-design approach strived to find the perfect ceiling solution supporting the purpose of the room, fitted to the architechtural needs and visions.


Through the ages we have supplied sustainable metal ceiling solutions for prestigious building- and marine projects worldwide due to our innovative DAMPA-mindset and our cost-effective solutions.

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