Fire & Safety
DAMPA Panels, fire & safety B-15 at a Cruiser

Fire rates and safety

DAMPA offers a wide range of functional and fire classified lightweight ceiling systems. The ceiling systems are suitable for both accommodation and to form as an integrated part in knock-down and ready-made cabin concepts.


DAMPA metal ceiling solutions equal safety. We provide safe and enduring ceiling solutions for areas were regulations demand B-0 fire rate. For public areas where the decoration and interior design are essential, you can find C-class fire rated solutions, accommodating your demand for Quiet Danish design.


We assure high quality and the right solutions to various tasks, due to the diversity and wide range of our product and service portfolio. Our metal ceiling programme ensure that we always have the optimal solution in terms of design, functionality, quality and safety.


By focusing on the use of the room, we seek to integrate safety, acoustics, indoor environment and Quiet Danish design into one.


With fire rated tiles, panels and light fittings, in accordance to IMO, NOR-SOK and SOLAS regulations, it leaves no reason for compromise on neither safety, nor exclusive design and functionality – with DAMPA ceiling solutions you get an all-in-one solution on-board.

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All downloads available here


All downloads available here

Browse the broad fire rated DCC Panels portfolio

Fire Rated DCC Panels

Browse the broad fire rated DCC Panels portfolio

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Michael Larsen

Project Engineer & Technical Support, Marine


+45 63 76 13 64ml@dampa.dk

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