Fire & Safety

  • Ensure safety on board with fire-rated ceilings

Fire-rates & Safety

DAMPA specializes in producing functional and fire-classified lightweight ceiling systems, designed to seamlessly integrate into various marine projects. Whether you need a ceiling for accommodation or as part of knock-down and ready-made cabin concepts, our solutions set the standard for safety, functionality, and aesthetics.


Our extensive product and service portfolio ensures that we deliver solutions that are based on your specific needs. From B-15 fire-rated ceilings mandated by regulations to C-class fire-rated solutions for public areas where decoration and interior design are paramount, we guarantee high quality and compliance with industry standards.


Rest easy knowing that our fire-rated tiles, panels, and light fittings adhere to IMO, NOR-SOK, and SOLAS regulations. Our solutions leave no room for compromise on safety, exclusive design, or functionality. With DAMPA, you get an all-in-one solution on board, assuring compliance with maritime regulations without sacrificing style.

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Combining Safety, Acoustics, and Indoor Environment

We prioritize design, functionality, quality, and safety, ensuring that our ceiling systems not only meet the highest safety standards, but are also visually appealing. You can chose from a range of surfaces and designs that ensures that you don’t have to compromise on your design vision.


By focusing on the specific use of each room, we go beyond conventional solutions to integrate safety, acoustics, and indoor comfort. Our ceiling solutions are crafted to enhance the overall environment, ensuring a harmonious and secure experience on board.


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