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Our History

  • The extraordinary story and accomplishments of DAMPA – adding value to building and marine since 1951

From “as quiet as walking on cat's paws” to “quiet design since 1951”

Since our foundation in 1951, the development of DAMPA has been rooted in innovation, tradition and renewal. With a constant focus on adding value to unique building designs, DAMPA has been the preferred choice for high quality suspended metal ceiling solutions both ashore and at sea.


In collaboration with acknowledged and prominent architects and designers of our time, DAMPA ceiling designs have contributed to the “Form Follows Function” tradition of Danish architecture. Architects such as Arne Jacobsen, Henning Larsen and Bjarne Ingels (BIG) have all had the pleasure of using DAMPA ceilings in their designs.


Over time, DAMPA has been the preferred choice for suspended metal ceiling solutions for several prestigious building projects such as SAS Royal Hotel, CPH Airports, Copenhagen Opera House, The Crystal, Vestas Head Office, University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus Business College, Aalborg and Odense University Hospital.


Since introducing several new designs in the 1970s, DAMPA has been a world leader in the marine sector, having supplied millions of square metres of high-quality fire-certified ceiling solutions to leading international shipyards.

DAMPA in the 1950’s

Inspired by a Swedish concept, the young engineer Jean Fischer is employed by Det Fyenske Trælastkompagni A/S, a local timber business, to continue to develop and produce wood fibre panels for sound insulation in a small, rented building in the Danish town of Skt. Klemens, Funen.


Thus, “DÆMPA” was formed in April 1951. The original name, DÆMPA, is the result of a contest. The name is based on a word puzzle of the Danish words “dæmp-af”, to (sound) dampen. The cat logo and the slogan “as quiet as walking on cat’s paws” aim to communicate the attributes and properties of the products. The DÆMPA name was later changed to DAMPA which has a more international sound to it.


During the 50’s DAMPA developed and patented a new revolutionary non-flammable aluminium panel as a result of know-how based on perforation and acoustics. This new product is not only non-flammable but also easy to install, dismantle and customise in terms of forms and shapes, thereby optimizing construction efficiency rates and building costs.


This led to the successful introduction of the world’s first perforated metal ceiling solution.

DAMPA in the 1960’s

DAMPA moved to new, larger production premises in Tommerup due to a rapid rise in turnover and increased demands on production. A series of new products were developed and launched throughout the 1960’s.


The first subsidiaries in the U.K. and Germany and licensed factories in many countries are established as stages in a major growth strategy and expansion programme.


The DAMPA partner concept with local assembly of semi-finished goods is launched worldwide with great success, and today this continues to be the basis for close collaboration with DAMPA partners in many countries.


In 1968 DAMPA was awarded the Danish Design Prize for DAMPA® 10.

DAMPA in the 1970’s

Collaboration with a Danish shipyard on product development for the marine sector was launched to meet specific demands from this new market segment.


With a fireproof ceiling specially designed for ships and based on a revolutionary new “continuous” principle, the first steps are taken into the international marine market, which ultimately led to the now world-leading DAMPA Marine Ceiling Systems. 


New, successful products were launched throughout the 1970’s for the building market. All are based on the basic principle of perforated and painted aluminium linear ceilings and tiles with the option of individual installation/dismantling. The core product’s basic concept, using 10 cm linear ceilings made of perforated aluminium continues to be a bestseller.

DAMPA in the 1980’s

A new concept for DAMPA generated a completely new marketing and product strategy. Sales became more project-related, and several functions such as lighting and air ventilation became integral parts of DAMPA ceiling solutions. Over three years DAMPA developed, in collaboration with Freudenberg, a new acoustic felt to replace mineral wool. The new felt revolutionised the ceiling industry, and DAMPA was awarded the Danish Environmental Prize.


In 1988 DAMPA won an order for the Islamic University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The order was for 250,000 m2 of ceiling tiles which, in 1988, was believed to be the world’s largest individual ceiling order ever.


As part of a diversification strategy, a series of new business areas were developed, including alternative energy (solar heating), furniture production, partition systems and major marine turnkey projects. Subsidiaries were also set up in the USA and Canada, and joint venture agreements were entered into in Asia Pacific.

The limited success of these projects led to a decision to concentrate on the original core business, i.e. development and production of ceiling systems in steel and aluminium for the building and marine sectors.


As part of the internationalisation of the company, the name was changed to DAMPA. The new, perforated logo was designed with a clear reference to the properties of the product, replacing the familiar symbol of the cat in no less than 50 countries in a major brand image campaign.

DAMPA in the 1990’s

DAMPA and Van Geel Metal in the Netherlands entered a strategic partnership, and Van Geel Groep purchased 49% of the shares in DAMPA A/S. The two companies complement each other perfectly in terms of both products and markets.


Following the positive growth of the alliance, Van Geel Groep took over the remaining shares in DAMPA A/S and a Ceiling Division was created, consisting of DAMPA and VAN GEEL METAL. The integration process was intensified to guarantee optimal synergy effect, and the marketing of the Ceiling Division’s products was coordinated with the launch of a new, joint logo.


After a long period focusing on the breadth of the DAMPA product range, a decision is made to increase the depth, including a new design concept with acoustic felt in various colours.


Efforts were intensified in the fields of marketing and product development to combat increased international competition. The focus shifted from the individual products to the concept of total solutions, design and creativity that defines us today.

DAMPA in the 2000’s

In the year 2000 Chicago Metallic fully took over Van Geel (including DAMPA) and the new millennium is entered with the challenge of utilizing the synergy from the three companies. In Denmark, the new products were introduced as part of an extended product range with great success.


Another combined logo was introduced, maintaining the characteristic perforated logo and adding the Chicago Metallic name.


In 2001 DAMPA celebrated its 50th anniversary by setting new sales records in the two main market areas, Marine Sales and Building Sales in Denmark/Scandinavia.


In 2002, DAMPA won the Denmark Innovative Design Award for the ceiling system DAMPA Wing.


In 2006 all machinery from the Dutch production plant was moved to DAMPA in Denmark. Furthermore, the Dutch sales office was closed and moved to the Chicago Metallic office in Wijnegem, Belgium.


In 2008 all activities were consolidated in DAMPA Denmark with a strengthened sales force and customer service organisation.

DAMPA in the 2010’s

In May 2012, Chicago Metallic sold DAMPA to the Danish company Metalcolour A/S, the main supplier of steel and aluminium to DAMPA.


In 2013 DAMPA succeeded in creating a notable turn-around. The turn-around was accomplished by focusing on customer orientation, production efficiency and concentrating on the core business, thereby getting back to the roots of DAMPA.


The same year DAMPA was awarded a major contract for marine ceiling systems on board two of the world’s largest cruise ships to be built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Japan.


In 2015 DAMPA won the award “Partner Des Jahres” from Meyer Werft, which is a quality stamp, we are very proud of. The award was given based on our presentation in terms of affordability, reliability, service
and quality.

DAMPA in the 2020’s

With an even bigger focus on the customers, acoustic metal solutions and design freedom DAMPA is working hard to get back to our previous market shares.


In this relation, DAMPA has started to develop DAMPA 2.0, where even more focus is placed on sustainability, design freedom and a good indoor climate. The goal is to go from a manufacturing company to an internationally recognized brand that produces architectural design elements.


The development towards a modern DAMPA is kicked off in connection with our 70th anniversary, where both new products and a whole new visual identity were launched. In addition to undergoing an image change, DAMPA continues to supply acoustic ceilings and wall panels for exciting buildings and marine.


DAMPA is facing another decade, where the goal is to come back as the first choice when you want acoustic and architectural ceilings and wall solutions with the opportunity for design freedom, a great focus on sustainability and good indoor climate.


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