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Avoid Unnecessary Noise

Do you need to optimize the acoustic environment in your project for either office environments, meeting rooms, receptions or something completely different? Then we can jointly find an ideal solution and ensure that your project complies with the Building Regulations (BR18) requirements for room acoustics, including reverberation time and absorption area, whether it is a new build or optimization of the acoustics in an existing building.

Our acoustic wall and ceiling solutions are perforated and offer a multitude of options, whether you need a solution in acoustic class A, B or C. It is thus possible to create the most optimal acoustic environment regardless of the function of the room.

Comfortable Working Environment

In addition to the acoustic properties of DAMPA’s ceiling solutions, you get a multitude of integration options, including light, ventilation and air-conditioned ceilings, which contribute to creating a good indoor climate.

For example, you can integrate our climate ceiling, which ensures the perfect temperature for each person in the room, just as you can integrate diffuse ventilation, which ensures fresh air without drafts and noise. The two integration options can be combined in an aesthetic solution, as both integrations are installed as a hidden solution above the ceiling. This means that with the integrations you avoid disturbing elements in the ceiling surface.

When you choose one of DAMPA’s acoustic ceiling solutions, you don’t have to choose between design, good sound or a good indoor climate – you can have it all.

Acoustic and Design Goes Hand in Hand

With acoustic wall solutions, you can take advantage of a multitude of functions, in addition to improving the acoustics. You can, among other things, use the DAMPA® Silent Board as a notice board without impairing the acoustic properties. The wall panel can, for example, be used as an information board in corridors or for projects in the meeting room.

It is also possible to apply digital print to wall and ceiling solutions from DAMPA, so that in addition to improving the acoustics, they can create unique and inspiring environments with digital print. The acoustic solutions can thus become an integral part of the room’s unique design. You can e.g. bring your rooms to life and get the feeling of stepping out into nature, by creating a room with a beautiful flower meadow on DAMPA® Silent Board, and a blue sky on the ceiling, or a forest environment with trees on the walls and treetops on the ceiling – everything together, while the acoustic properties ensure a pleasant working environment.

Digital printing can also be used for branding your company, through sharing the company’s history and development on the walls – or making the company’s values visible with images and text.

Total economy

Our acoustic metal ceilings are designed with a focus on easy maintenance and operation. Whether it is the DAMPA® Clip-In Tile in a concealed carrier rail system or the DAMPA® Lay-In Tile in metal, which fits into a standard visible T-rail system, the ceilings are characterized by being easy to assemble and dismantle, so you can easily access installations behind the ceiling.

DAMPA® Hook-On Corridor Tile also provides unlimited access to installations behind the ceiling, as each ceiling element can be easily swung down. This makes them suitable for areas where above-ceiling installations prevent strapping and where easy access is required due to repeated inspections.

The easy installation and dismantling of the ceilings means lower costs for maintenance and operating economics, which overall results in lower total costs.


With acoustic solutions from DAMPA, you also get a flexible solution with a long service life, which is appropriate in the long term. This is because it is possible to purchase additional elements as needed in relation to renovation, expansion or by routine change of e.g. ceiling lighting. This ensures that the solution can be used for many years without major and costly replacements.


In addition, DAMPA’s acoustic wall panels ensure extra flexibility, as they can be easily integrated into the rest of the interior in both new and existing buildings, while they can also be quickly and easily moved and reused in other rooms if the acoustic needs change.

Good hygiene and easy maintenance

DAMPA has produced and supplied hygienic, elegant and reliable acoustic solutions for several decades.

The easy-to-clean surface withstands both wet and dry cleaning. Our products are also tested against a large number of the most commonly used cleaning agents and methods. Furthermore, the surface ensures unwanted growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.


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