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  • Creating well-being through metal ceilings since 1951

Quiet Design Since 1951

With DAMPA you get more than ordinary ceiling and wall solutions. Through our Form-Follows-Function philosophy, all of our solutions help create a good indoor environment.


Approximately 90% of our time is used indoors. The indoor environment is therefore more important than ever before.


With DAMPA’s metal ceiling solutions, you can combine acoustics, climate control and lighting features in an aesthetic design, while ensuring compliance with fire and hygienic requirements.

Acoustic Solutions in Class A

It is not often metal and acoustics are mentioned in the same sentence. DAMPA wants to break with the understanding that metal cannot be acoustic. By perforating the hard surface of the metal, we are creating an acoustic solution, which includes three different absorbent types: porous absorbent, membrane absorbent and resonance absorbent.


By utilizing the metal, the perforations and the three absorbents you can get acoustic solutions in class A, B and C. Furthermore, we can match the use of the room with the need for acoustics, to ensure the best possible acoustic solutions for your project.

Integration for a Better
Indoor Climate

With our acoustic metal solutions for ceilings and walls, we open up for a world full of integration possibilities.


We work together with several partners to create the best possible solutions. This includes different forms of light integration, our specially developed climate ceiling and diffuse ventilation.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

At DAMPA we work with the mindset “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle”. By doing so, we ensure that we are minimizing our waste and securing the full benefit of our acoustic solutions, which have a documented life span of more than 50 years.


To ensure full transparency of our products and their environmental impact there has been developed Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for products made of steel, aluminium and our climate ceiling. With these EPDs, all of DAMPA’s products can be used in certified buildings such as DGNB, LEED and BREEAM.

Design Freedom

Creating beautiful architecture with curves and custom-made surfaces is a DAMPA speciality. Together with architects, we are creating beautiful and unique designs, where the challenges are solved without compromising the aesthetic, functionality, and original idea.


The hard surface of the metal makes it possible to deliver all our products in a design matched to the vision of the project. We can deliver products with painted surfaces in all RAL- and NCS colours, laminated surfaces, different perforations or digital print.

Safety on Board

DAMPA’s fire-rated ceilings have an important place in the maritime sector, where we have more than 50 years of experience.


DAMPA was among the first companies to develop a new generation of fire-rated ceilings, when the expanded requirements emerged in the early 1970’s. DAMPA offers a wide range of functional, and fire-classified lightweight ceiling systems which are either B-0 or B-15 rated.

Easy Installation

DAMPA’s suspended ceilings are designed with a focus on easy installation.


What all our rails and suspension systems have in common is that they are simple and easy to install. For example, our DAMPA® Clip-In has hidden support rails, where the tiles can be easily mounted in the system without any use of tools.


Furthermore, it is easy to disassemble the tiles again if you must access installations above the ceiling – again without any use of tools other than our simple dismantling tool, which can be sent to you upon request.


Read more about the installation of our solutions on the product pages.


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