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DAMPA® 10/100/200/300 Panel

With DAMPA® 10/100/200/300 Panel you get a closed ceiling solution, with a hidden carrier system.

The panels are available in three widths, all of which fit the same carrier. You can therefore play with the widths and create a unique ceiling.

Choose from the many surface options and perforations for a ceiling solution according to your design vision.

  • Robust
  • Easy installation
  • Hygienic materials

With DAMPA® 10/100/200/300 Panel, you get a closed ceiling solution with a hidden carrier system. The panels are available in three different widths: 100, 200 and 300 mm. The panels in a width of 100 mm are available with both slanted sides, which makes them appear rounded, or with vertical sides that give a more marked joint between the panels.

The panels are easily mounted in the same carrier system without any use of tools. A particular advantage is that the panels can be disassembled and reassembled individually, which effectively meets the needs of the operational phase.
DAMPA® 10/100/200/300 Panel provides a wealth of possibilities for design and integration. The closed ceiling system allows for, among other things, integration of light and climate ceiling, which makes it extremely versatile.

This combined with the robustness of the panels, the high hygiene standard and the acoustic properties make DAMPA® 10/100/200/300 Panel ideal in many different types of rooms, regardless of the room's function.


100 mm
200 mm
300 mm

Customized to your project

The different panel widths can be combined for unique ceiling designs


Min. 600 mm
Max. 6000 mm



Sound absorption class

Can be delivered in acoustic class A, B and C


The most used perforation is AL-21 – Ø 1.0 mm., open area 23%

Choose perforations customized to your acoustic needs and design vision


A popular colour is RAL 9010, however the ceiling can be delivered in all RAL- and NCS-colours or with digital print

Read more about colours and surfaces

Acoustic felt

Acoustic felt is often chosen in black, but can be produced in all colours based on your needs


In the hidden suspension system, the panels are secured without any tools.

DAMPA® Panels hang in the same suspension system no matter what width they are


Each panel can easily be dis- and remounted


Read more about the many integration possibilities here, or contact us to learn more about the options in your specific project

Fire classification

A1 - EN 13501-1

Corrosion class

B-class as standard (confer EN13964 table 8 and 9)


The metal and the dust-free acoustic felt make DAMPA® 10/100/200/300 Panel suitable for areas with high hygienic requirements

Here you can find relevant downloads for DAMPA® 10/100/200/300 Panel.


If you need other information, please contact us.



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