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DAMPA® Hook-On Custom Tile

With DAMPA® Hook-On Custom Tile, you can maintain access to installations above the ceiling without compromising the design.

DAMPA® Hook-On Custom can be delivered in several variations depending on the functional and design needs. The system can e.g. be delivered as a “large-room”-solution, where the ceiling is installed in a hidden carrier system, thus ensuring a uniform and virtually unbroken surface, without visible joints.

Alternatively, the ceiling can be supplied with a visible carrier rail between the tiles’ tracks, which gives a more characteristic look.

What is common to the DAMPA® Hook-On Custom solutions is that each Hook-On element can be swung down without using tools.

  • Easy access to above ceiling installations
  • Made in robust and hygienic materials
  • Ideal for many areas

With DAMPA® Hook-On you get a versatile solution that combines quick installation, low weight and acoustic properties.

DAMPA® Hook-On is produced in robust and hygienic materials, which makes it ideal for areas where high hygiene standards are essential. In addition, the ceiling system is ideal for areas where easy access to installations above the ceiling is required.
In addition to good acoustic properties, it is also possible to integrate lighting, ventilation, climate ceiling, etc. Through our partners, we offer various options that are designed and adapted to the individual solution.

The Hook-On elements can be produced in a wide selection of sizes, colors and perforations. In addition, with DAMPA® Hook-On you can achieve a uniform and almost unbroken surface depending on your design vision. Together, we can therefore create a ceiling that not only meets your aesthetic preferences, but also your practical needs.

Panel width

Min. 300 mm
Max. 600 mm

Panel length

Min. 800 mm
Max. 3200 mm

We recommend that each Hook-On element is no larger than 2 m2



Sound absorption class

Can be delivered in class A, B and C


The most used perforation is ST-15 - Ø1.8 mm. holes with 21% open area

Choose perforations customized to your acoustic needs and design vision

Explore perforation options here


A popular colour is RAL 9010 (white), however the ceiling can be delivered in all RAL- and NCS-colours or with digital print

Acoustic inlay

Acoustic felt is often chosen in black, but can be produced in all colours based on your needs


Hidden carrier system with C- and Z-profiles


The DAMPA® Hook-On elements can pivot down, which also gives access to installations above the ceiling


Read more about the many integration possibilities here, or contact us to learn more about the options in your specific project

Fire classification


Corrosion Class

Class B (confer EN13964, table 8 and 9)


The metal and the dust-free acoustic felt make DAMPA® Hook-On Custom Tile suitable for areas with high hygienic requirements

Here you can find relevant downloads for DAMPA® Hook-On Custom Tile.


If you need other information, please contact us.




Let our experienced team contact you to find the perfect solution for your next project.

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