Safety and functionality go hand in hand

DAMPA offers a wide range of functional and fire classified ceilings systems. The ceiling systems are suitable for public areas, corridors, accommodation or as an integrated part of a knock-down and ready-made cabin concepts.


Due to the diversity and wide range of our product and service portfolio, we ensure high quality and the right solutions to all jobs. Our metal ceiling programs ensure that we always have the optimal solution in terms of design, functionality, quality and safety. By focusing on the usage of the room, we seek to integrate safety, acoustics, and indoor environment in a beautiful Danish design.


With B-15 fire rated panels and light fittings, it leaves you with no reason to compromise on safety, exclusivity or functionality. The B-15 ceiling solutions get it all-in-one on-board, as they are certified IMO/ISO/NOR-SOK, meaning resistance to fire, flame spread and toxicity.


First class quality and support service

Ensuring a high quality product standard is one of the cornerstones of DAMPA. Our metal ceilings are produced at our own plant in Denmark. Thereby we can ensure the highest level of quality and environmental standards, corrections can be made within hours.


DAMPA Quality Management System is based on ISO 9001, which ensures high quality with low tolerance. This is an important factor in order to ensure a fast and trouble free installation process.


DAMPA logistics system includes: section packing and labeling, which optimize handling on site. Combined with our logistics system, we supply just-in-time deliveries, even in tailor made room-by-room packages. This provides a significant savings of time and waste in the installation process.


DAMPA also provides additional engineering support. Our technical team offers assistance with design, implementation, ceiling layout, CAD drawings and a full material take-off with profile specification will be supplied.


Optimize installation maintenance and replacement

With more than 60 years of experience, we have the know-how to help you improve your cost structure when handling and installing ceilings in the Marine Sector,


The DAMPA philosophy is to offer ceiling solutions that are ready to fit. Less cutting, bending etc. ensures a reduction of time spend in the installation process. Further it minimizes the amount of waste. Alternative supply possibilities, range from individual product deliveries to fully pre-manufactured, logistically integrated ceiling concepts.


We can accommodate ceiling solutions for all types of areas in exclusive Danish design. Easy access to installations above the ceiling, provide both optimizations of ceiling installation during and post construction. Lowering installation, maintenance and replacement costs, we help minimizing costs over the entire product life.



DAMPA metal ceilings have a high content of recycled metal and can be recycled nearly 100% making it a very sustainable ceiling.

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