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Form follows function with integration

Enjoy the possibility of integrating elements such as light fittings into the DAMPA metal ceilings. Some elements are produced and offered by DAMPA. Others are developed and designed by others, to fit into our ceiling systems.


A ceiling where elements such as light fittings, cooling, heating, ventilation, and sound systems are integrated into, is not only an aestheatic and beautiful solution. It also adds value as a time saving factor in the installation process.


Integrated light fittings has been part of our product range for many years. Many years of experience combined with a strong cooperation with our customers, have lead to light fittings easy to install in a DAMPA ceiling. A growing number of LED solutions have been added to our product range and many more will come.


Choose our fire rated light fittings, with or without emergency light or go with the decorative light fittings, were features, shape and design is more important.


View the specifications of our fire rated light fittings here



DAMPA® Rainfall ventilation is a diffuse ventilation system. By creating different pressure above the ceiling construction we obtain diffuse air flow. Benefits of a diffuse ventilation system are: Better indoor climate, less draught and savings on energy.


It is also possible to integrate other ventilation systems in the space above the ceiling. Where the ventilation system is either integrated at ceiling level or placed above ceiling level, blowing air through the perforation holes is also an option.


All celings can be delivered with precut holes to integrate other ventilation systems in the ceiling. For more information on additional services, please go to the Services & Logistics section.

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All downloads available here


All downloads available here

Read more about services & logistics.

Services & Logistics

Read more about services & logistics.

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