Indoor Climate

Indoor climate

Create a good indoor climate with acoustic solutions from DAMPA


Good indoor climate with metal ceilings

If we have to descibe the purpose of installing an acoustic ceiling from DAMPA with one word, it would be indoor climate. Indoor climate covers many aspects however, in most cases there is a direct tie to functions that directly or indirectly are covered by DAMPA metal ceilings.

Noise and acoustics

DAMPA ceiling and wall solutions are perforated. By utilizing these perforations it is possible to optimise the acoustic environment where bothering noice is reduced. Most of our ceiling solutions can be produced in acoustic classes A, B, and C. Thus, we can always ensure that the guiding numbers for reverberation time and sound regulations are met.

Warm, cold and draught

E.g., in office environments you can often experience that it is hard to obtain the optimal balance between warm/cold and draught in a way that everyone is satisfied,


With our metal ceilings, we have a unique opportunity to significantly optimize the indoor climate by integrating DAMPA® Climate Ceilings. The climate ceilings are based on radiation and absorb or emit heat, depending on the needs of the individual person in the room.

Aestetics and design

For DAMPA, Form Follows Function is an important focal point. But the aesthetic has at least as much influence when we talk about an optimal ceiling solution.


The individual user works most optimally in an environment where they feel comfortable. A good indoor climate therefore also depends on the user experiencing the ceiling surface as a harmonious and integrated unit without too many disturbing elements, and where the technical installations are integrated in an elegant way.

Air quality

Stricter requirements for the indoor climate make ventilation a major theme already in the beginning of planning. DAMPA's perforated metal ceilings are perfectly suited for diffuse ventilation, where the air is evenly distributed over the entire ceiling surface, without breaking the uniform surface.


It is also possible to integrate other ventilation systems that are placed in the space above the ceiling. This can be both fans, air conditioning or other systems that blow air out via an integrated airlock or through the perforation in the ceiling elements.


Integrated light fittings is a DAMPA speciality. With several years of expertise and strong collaboration and partnerships, we have developed light fittings to accommodate every demand.


Savings on energy consumption are made possible with LED solutions. Well known Danish designs such as a light fitting designed by Piet Hein and DOT designed in collaboration with Designer Lars Vejen and LIK Lighting.

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