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Climate Ceiling Ensures an Optimal Indoor Climate During Summertime

Climate Ceiling Ensures an Optimal Indoor Climate During Summertime

With summer comes the sun and high temperatures, and it is now that we can assess whether our indoor climate is sufficient or not. With our 70 years of experience as a manufacturer of acoustic solutions, we have not only achieved expertise with acoustics, but we have also perfected the art of ensuring the optimal room temperature through intelligent climate ceilings.

Avoid noise and draught with optimal temperatures

An important element when creating an indoor climate full of well-being is the temperature. The temperature should not be too cold or hot in the room where people stay.

“To ensure the right temperature at offices or other places has always been a problem. A challenge when talking about temperature in a room full of people is that there will often occur a difference between whether the individual temperature is experienced too cold or too warm. Here, our DAMPA® Climate Ceilings are highly suitable for exactly that situation as the metal has an extraordinarily quick temperature regulation”, says Michael Nykjær, CEO of DAMPA.

Benefits of choosing DAMPA® Climate Ceiling:

  • The temperature is adapted to each person in the room.
  • You get rid of draughts.
  • Large temperature differences during the day are avoided.
  • The ceiling regulates the temperature through cold winters and hot summers.
  • Full design freedom in e.g., surface expression
  • DAMPA®Climate Ceilings can be combined with diffuse ventilation, which also contributes to a good indoor climate without noise or draughts.
  • DAMPA®Climate Ceiling has an environmental product declaration (EDP)

Acoustics, comfort and operational safety

In collaboration with TechoKlima, DAMPA has developed DAMPA® Climate Ceiling which combines comfort cooling with good acoustics and sustainable materials.

"In addition to the fact that DAMPA® Climate Ceilings can create a good indoor climate, it has several advantages," says Per Andersen, partner at TechoKlima, and elaborates: "With DAMPA® Climate Ceilings we get top-notch comfort and at the same time the solution is very operationally reliable and maintenance-free compared to traditional ventilation solutions with cooling and heating".

Combine DAMPA® Climate Ceilings with diffuse ventilation

DAMPA® Climate Ceilings are also a sustainable and energy-friendly solution. If DAMPA® Climate Ceilings are combined with diffuse ventilation, a significantly smaller amount of air is used. Therefore, large ventilation pipes do not have to be used either, which results in less building height and a saving in resources. In addition, DAMPA® Climate Ceilings are covered by an environmental product declaration (EDP).

But why is it important to focus on an optimal indoor climate?

Up to 90% of our time is spent indoors, which makes the indoor climate more important than ever. A good indoor climate has a direct impact on productivity and the general well-being of employees.

If we suffer from a bad indoor climate, it can quickly be felt on our bottom line, as it can lead to reduced ability to concentrate and lack of attention to important points during meetings. Research has also shown that a poor indoor climate leads to increased sickness absence.

Therefore, it is crucial to take those important steps to improve the indoor climate. With DAMPA's air-conditioned ceiling solutions, we can create a comfortable and temperature-regulated environment that promotes well-being and efficiency. Our solutions are tailored to maintain the right room temperature and ensure a pleasant working environment all year round.

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The article was originally featured at byggematerialer.dk – find it in danish here

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