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Seven reasons to choose a climate ceiling

A good indoor environment is more important now than ever before. Several studies show that a bad indoor environment has an impact on productivity, sickness absence, and the bottom line.

By installing a DAMPA® Climate Ceiling we can create a comfortable indoor environment with optimal acoustics and a good working environment, which increases productivity and reduces absenteeism.

In a survey, every fifth office employee in Denmark said they experienced problems with the indoor climate. The reasons most mentioned were too hot in the summer months, poor air quality, too much noise, too cold in the winter months and draught.

Combining the cooling/heating elements with our well-known perforated metal ceilings, we create an intelligent ceiling that ensures a good indoor climate with the right temperature without draught and noise.

1. Good Total Economy and Long lifespan

A climate ceiling can be a large investment. But if we look at the total economy, it typically looks different. In terms of operation, a DAMPA® Climate Ceiling is significantly cheaper than a traditional cooling/heating system. Overall, the benefits of energy-saving operations and greater well-being among employees will provide a clear economic advantage, where the investment in a climate ceiling will be repaid over a short time horizon.

In addition, the easy installation and dismantling of DAMPA’s metal ceilings will mean lower costs for maintenance and operating economy, which together will result in lower total costs for the construction.

2. Integrate with Diffuse Ventilation for Better Air Quality

Ventilation and the exchange of air are an important piece in the indoor climate puzzle. When choosing DAMPA’s acoustic metal ceilings, it is obvious to utilize the perforations for the integration of diffuse ventilation. By combining the climate ceiling with diffuse ventilation, we kill three birds with one stone, as the ceiling takes care of the acoustics, temperature, and exchange of air.

Diffuse ventilation is based on the principle that an overpressure is created over the dense ceiling surface, and then blown down into the room through the ceiling’s perforations. The pressure is so low that you cannot hear any kind of noise, and it distributes the fresh air out into every corner of the room.

3. High Efficiency and Quick Reaction

Together with aluminium, steel is the most effective ceiling for the integration of cooling and heating elements, as it has a rapid response to temperature changes. By combining our metal ceilings with a sheet made of aluminium around the copper pipe element, we ensure efficiency and quick response when the temperature changes in a room. The temperature changes happen within a few minutes.

4. Patented Sustainable Solution

With the help of our patented d-pipes of copper, the DAMPA® Climate Ceiling has a large contact surface, which is why it easily captures temperature changes. The climate ceiling weighs only about 1/3 of the competing products on the market.

In addition, the integrated cooling/heating system is produced with a saving of 37% copper (in the d-pipe itself) and a saving of 69% aluminium (in the sheet), which gives an overall reduction of 55% of the production energy.

DAMPA® Climate Ceiling is covered by an EPD. Our climate ceiling can therefore be used in environmentally certified buildings, such as DGNB, BREEAM and LEED.

Read more about our work with sustainability.

5. Perfect Temperature all Year Round – Without Noise and Draft

With a climate ceiling, you achieve perfect temperature all year round. The ceiling regulates the room temperature, whether it is a cold winter or a hot summer – and it all takes place without noise and drafts.

A good indoor climate helps to raise productivity and the general well-being of employees. If we have a bad indoor climate, it quickly shows on the bottom line, as we may have trouble concentrating. Studies also show that poor indoor climate results in higher sickness absence. By using a DAMPA® Climate Ceiling, we can improve the indoor climate through acoustics, the right temperature and ventilation.

6. Optimal Utilization of the Ceiling – Free Design in the Rest of the Space

By using a DAMPA® Climate Ceiling, which heats and cools as needed, you avoid the installation of radiators in the room. The heat/cold seeps down through the many perforations in the ceiling and is distributed throughout the room. Therefore, there is no need for any other installations and the entire space can be utilized exactly as you wish.

7. Design and Opportunities

The flexibility in metal offers virtually unimaginable possibilities for DAMPA’s acoustic ceilings as a design element – regardless of what shape, dimension and look you want. The cooling/heating pipes are not visible, which gives a completely uniform and clean design in the ceiling.

The ceiling can be designed specifically according to the design vision, whatever it requires of colours, dimensions, digital print, and perforations.

Read more about the many design options.

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