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Include perforation as a part of your design

Our metal ceilings are well-known for the acoustic performance, which we apply with perforation of ceiling elements. But perforation also serves as a fundamental factor in design and expression.


Perforation shapes

DAMPA offers several perforation options, which you can choose from variations in perforation pattern, size and shapes.


Our standard perforation is a round perforation hole Ø1,8 mm. Browse our other perforation sizes and shapes by viewing the perforation data sheets below.


View Perforation sheet for Tiles


View Perforation sheet for PLANOSTILE


Please notice, the standard perforation and perforation options are based on the ceiling type and system.


For more information on perforation options, please go to Specifications and Downloads to find the actual perforation data sheet for the product in question.


Special perforation patterns, where the perforation forms a distinctive pattern or shape are also often possible as make-to-order.


Acoustic felt

To reach the required optimal acoustic levels, the perforated ceiling elements can be supplied with a black acoustic fleece sound absorbing membrane bonded to the concealed surface. The acoustic felt also serves as a decorative feature and is available in black and white, and other colours on request.


Acoustics & mineral wool

By altering the range of the installation hight of the suspended ceiling or increase the thickness of mineral wool inlay placed above ceiling, you obtain control of the room acoustics and the reverberation time.


The right thickness of the inlay depends on the room usage and type. We offer a range from 12 mm integrated inlay up to 45 mm as an extra inlay layer for acoustic control.


By optimisation and control of room acoustics we improve the indoor climate, ultimately improving the perceived well-being for users of the room.


Read more about room acoustics here


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Get basic knowledge about acoustics


Get basic knowledge about acoustics

All downloads available here


All downloads available here

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