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colour and gloss define the appearance

DAMPA offers a complete range of colours available for all ceiling products. All colours defined by RAL or NCS colour systems. The colour spectrum has been chosen to achieve the widest possible usage of coloured ceilings.


The majority of our customers have asked for variations on a white colour base and this reflects a broad representation of the light tones amongst the most frequent used colours.

The standard colour is DAMPA® Pure white 4747-2, corresponding to RAL 9010. 


View our Inspiration Colours chart here


The mid tones offer the possibility of combining with like colours or in complete contrast, there are also several high tone colours to choose from.


The selected colours are production assured, and are therefore quality guaranteed based on well tried processes, where the raw material is cleaned, electro-statically painted and stove-enamelled. However, there will always be slight colour variations between different batch supplies.

Our solutions are primary for indoor use, but outdoor solutions can be made on request


Please contact DAMPA to get more information about surfaces, for example printed surfaces, anodising, structure lacquer or other effects.


Gloss and Light Reflection

The ceiling surfaces are painted as standard in a matt finish with a 10 gloss level for wet painted elements, and 20-30 for powder coated elements. DAMPA colours are available in the same gloss level as the standard white semi matt finish. This is defined by a “–2” after the colour number and signifies a gloss level of 10. 


Standard matte surfaces can produce a total light reflection level of up to 86% depending on the colour, the perforation pattern and colour of the acoustic felt.


Special gloss levels or reflection free (textura) surfaces can be supplied to order.


The degree of light fastness of the painted surfaces is around 7-8 on a scale of 0–8 in accordance with DIN 53231.


DAMPA operate with a tolerance level of ΔE = 1 for acceptable colour deviation. Please contact us for  inquiry colour sample.


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Explore our Indoor Climate section and get valuable knowledge

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