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Acoustics for Wellbeing

Acoustics for Wellbeing

We spend 90% of our time indoors, which is why indoor climate must be a high priority in buildings.

Acoustics for Wellbeing

We all use approximately 90 % of our time indoor, therefore the thought of wellbeing in connection with indoor climate and environment is essential.
What affects physical wellbeing is air quality, temperature, and noise. Well-being is crucial no matter where you are or what you do. At DAMPA we focus on all three aspects as we focus on producing acoustic ceilings with integrated climate and ventilation solutions.

We have different needs for acoustics depending on what function the room has. Therefore, it is important, that the acoustics are suitable to the room’s function and use. There is a big difference in the experienced acoustic reality depending on if you stand in a classroom or in a living room.

Why is Acoustics Important for wellbeing?

Acoustic comfort is essential to create a space where one can concentrate, relax, and conversate.

In workspaces, excess noise results in lower performance and poor concentration ability.
In learning facilities, acoustics determine whether students are heard, comprehend their lessons, and focus.
In healthcare facilities good acoustics are necessary for patients to rest and recover, and to lower stress level for staff and visitors.

Sounds have a huge impact on our physiology. Unwanted sounds, which by definition are noise, are closely linked to stress. To get our brain and body calm, we need a certain amount of quietness. This applies as much to patients' peace of mind, to get well, as it does to staff's peace of mind to solve complicated problems in a short time.

Acoustics for wellbeing - more than one solution

At DAMPA we want to be among those who take the lead and push the boundaries of what one can get out of working focused with sound.

When we design our products we focus on acoustic indoor climate through noise reduction, step sound level, reverberation time and noise level. Form and function are always top of mind, as the products cant compromise on either.

When it comes to designing a space, however, many designers only take appearance into consideration. It is important to design with sensory experience in mind rather than focusing simply on what the design looks like. When you focus on other senses, like hearing and acoustics, the space presents a better experience for all users.

Acoustic products can work in concert with other design elements such as color and texture to create a space that supports wellbeing, engagement, and productivity.

DAMPA metal solutions will ensure an exceptional acoustic environment. The combination of perforation, acoustic felt, and insulation will absorb noise and lower reverberation – making the acoustics of the space great. Our technology is used in our acoustic ceiling systems, and in our acoustic wall solutions.

One of the biggest challenges in designing for acoustic wellbeing is striking the balance between enhancing the thought design of a space while keeping the acoustic function.

DOT - a Beautifull Design for Wellbeing


In 2021 DAMPA, lighting consultants LIK Lighting, designer Lars Vejen and product developer Erik Padkjaer Larsen finished our common project where design, function and wellbeing is thought into one beautiful solution; DOT – the new modular light and acoustic ceiling system, an evolution of the well-known 60x60 ceiling, that enhances well-being.

For years, working-, public- and leaning environments have suffered from bad acoustics and monotonous, uninspiring lighting.

DOT is designed with inspiration from nature, the light element itself resembles the “Big Dipper” and casts a differentiated light that, in interaction with the optimal acoustics, has a positive impact on human comfort and well-being. DOT increases productivity and general well-being with the humanistic design, making DOT the ideal choice for learning institutions, public- health- and working environments.

Integrate wellbeing through light and acoustics

The modular ceiling consists of three main elements, all of which can be combined in any desired design: a cassette with 25 holes, a lighting module with 7 illuminated holes and a perforated cassette.

By combining the seven alternating illuminated holes with the otherwise strict expression of DOT, an exciting ceiling design with interesting contrast is obtained, all without compromising on the acoustic effect, as DOT is acoustic class A.

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