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The Danish Opera House, Copenhagen
Henning Larsen Architects
Maersk Tower, Copenhagen
C.F. Moeller Architects
Royal Arena, Copenhagen
3XN Architects
About Dampa

Quiet Danish Design since 1951

Since 1951 we have through our "Form-Follows-Function"-design approach strived to find the perfect ceiling solution supporting the purpose of the room, fitted to the architechtural needs and visions.


Through the ages we have supplied sustainable metal ceiling solutions for prestigious building- and marine projects worldwide due to our innovative DAMPA-mindset and our cost-effective solutions.


For the project we chose DAMPA Interval Panels, to make the ceiling an outstanding architectural element, where lighting, ventilation and other technical components were elegantly build in, so it appears as a natural and well integrated part of the ceiling.


The surface of the aluminium panel and the black acoustic batts was carefully chosen to give a beautiful coherence to the other outstanding elements in the building such as the wooden furniture and PU-flooring.

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