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Digital Print

With digital print, we can turn your design vision into reality, while ensuring strict compliance with maritime regulations. By offering digital print on our c-class ceilings, we have paved the way for endless design options.


By implementing the ceiling as a design element, you can ensure a unique and inspiring experience for your passengers whenever they enter a new area.


You can create exactly the design you want, whether you like abstract motives, patterns or figures.


Create a unique experience with endless design options customised to your visions.


Bring the ceiling to life with realistic patterns and motives to create a fun and interactive environment.


Produced in aluminium and steel, for a robust and recyclable solution. Good for your total cost of ownership and the environment.
Create a realistic atmosphere with digital print

Realistic environments

Whether you like artwork motives, a wooden look or something third, we can make your design visions come true with digital print.


You can obtain the feeling of walking into the woods by digital printing a variation of colourfull, fresh leaves on the ceiling. You can create the atmosphere of a cozy dining area with beautiful wooden ceilings. Or you can create an imitation of walking into a classic European Architectural building with realistic ceilings, or even illustrate the blue skies.


All of this is possible while benefiting from the good properties of the metal ceiling. With digital print the possibilities are endless - the ceiling is your playground.

Get inspired


Explore our previous projects that combine well-being, unique design, and customised solutions. Find inspiration from our many previous solutions, and bring your own vision to life.
DAMPA® Clip-In Tile
Norwegian Escape
DAMPA® Clip-In Tile
Norwegian Escape
DAMPA® Clip-In Tile
Viking Glory
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