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Builds with respect for nature.

Regenerative Design is part of Sustainable Building PRACTICE

The future depends on our actions today. By thinking  regenerative design into building standards and used materials we contribute to sustainable solutions.


DAMPA works with recycled and recyclable materials and at the same time we produce products which have a long lifecycle. This protects the environment through less use of raw materials and reduces the CO2 and other greenhouse gasses.


DAMPA is continuously working on improving the sustainabilty of our products and solutions even further. When you choose DAMPA you choose a solution with a focus on environmental initiatives.In our EPD’s you can explore how we add environmental value to the proces and finished result of your building.


DAMPA uses regional (Northern European) suppliers of raw materials, which adhere to EU environmental standards and where the recycled content of aluminium is on average around 75%. The closeness of the raw material suppliers reduces the CO2 emissions from transport.

All internal scrap metal is collected and recycled.


Our products are delivered at the building site in pre-fabricated packages eliminating nearly all waste at the building site. 

The ceiling consists of 98% aluminium or steel which is 100% recyclable. The remaining 1-2% consist of mineral wool which is also recyclable. 


DAMPA ceilingsystems have a long lifecycle, a rule of thumb is about 30 years. However there are examples of functioning DAMPA ceilings that are more than 50 years old.



DAMPA ceiling systems provide a unique possibility to integrate energy efficient climate control. Also, in cooperation with leading suppliers lighting fixtures and systems, a number of new LED lighting solutions have been developed for direct integration into our ceilings. This makes it possible to achieve significant energy efficiencies without compromising the aesthetic design.


Many of the most forward thinking architects and owners have chosen DAMPA not least due to its environmental credentials.


If you want to learn more about how DAMPA ceilings contribute to sustainable building, you can read more at P-BB or download our EPDs.



DAMPA has 3 EPDs on steel, aluminum and climate ceilings respectively. This means that all of our products are covered under an EPD and can be used for certified buildings and projects.


The EPD, short for Environmental Product Declaration, documents the products environmental properties. The environmental properties are based on the collective emissions and consumption of resources, such as CO2, energy, water and production of waste, calculated over the lifecycle of the product. The lifecycle of the product covers extraction of raw mateirals, transport and production, use, disposal and reutilization.


DAMPA’s EPDs are completed after the new European standard CEN EPD EN 150804 and they are third-party verified by Institut für Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU).


EPDs can be used for certification of buildings, such as DGNB, LEED, BREEAM and others. Furthermore it makes it easier for advisors and owners to assess and compare different products’ environmental properties.


EPD Climate Ceilings DE UK

EPD DAMPA ceilings in steel DE / UK

EPD DAMPA ceilings in aluminium DE / UK

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Helle Pleidrup Andreasen

Quality & Environmental Manager


+45 63 76 13 06hpa@dampa.dk

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