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DAMPA receives prestigious supplier award from German Meyer Werft

DAMPA receives prestigious supplier award from German Meyer Werft

DAMPA awarded the Meyer Werft “Supplier of the year 2015” award

Team DAMPA - Partner des Jahres 2015

Mr. Fritz Pals from Meyer Werft emphasized the choice of DAMPA in the award announcement:


  • “This supplier has shown a high degree of professionalism and is a credibly and helpful partner.
  • The supplier has been very open to changes and suggestions for improvements.  
  • In a close corporation with our technical department. Their products are continuously being refined and improved.
  • Due to the excellent results achieved in our supplier evaluation scheme.
  • The price “Partner des Jahres 2015” (Partner of the year 2015) in the category, Interior, goes to DAMPA ApS from Denmark.”


Meyer Werft is a family business that has been around since 1795 and the shipyard is an institution in German industry. The shipyard has a reputation for building some of the world’s finest and most luxurious cruise ships and is known in the industry for never compromising on quality and safety. The shipyards’ reasoning for granting DAMPA with the award was as follows: “Outstanding performance, competence and commitment” in their delivery of fireproof metal ceilings and panels for ships.


Client focus

To CEO of DAMPA, Michael Nykjær, the reasoning behind giving DAMPA the award is almost the best part of the prize:

– “It shows that we have succeeded in what we strive to do every day and night at the factory. The award is a pat on the shoulder for our clients focus and when a significant player like Meyer Werft recognises that we make a difference, we can be very pleased.”


“Best in class” in building luxury cruise ships

When Meyer Werft builds one of their gigantic luxury cruise ships, more than 10,000 workers are on the site, and the shipyard buys materials and services worth around 500-700 million €  from suppliers worldwide. In projects of that calibre the shipyard depends on all the suppliers to be “best in class” in their field.

The products must be of the highest quality, everything must fit down to the smallest details, and there is no room for delays in deliveries.




– “We wish to be much more than just a material supplier. It is in our DNA to help the client through all phases of the project. From the initial idea and delivery to the final result. We then proceed to follow up, making thoroughly sure that everything went well. It’s that meticulousness and the conscience we put into our work that Meyer Werft rewards us for now”, says a proud Michael Nykjær.


Process optimization and cost reduction

In close cooperation with Meyer Werft, DAMPA has optimized several processes throughout the value chain. From technical specification to the packaging of the finished and customized ceiling panels. DAMPA’s focus has been process optimization and cost reduction.

A rare honour

The “Partner of the year” awards are given for the 10th time this year. The awards are based on supplier performance in price competitiveness, reliability and quality.

From Meyer Werft’s approximately 2000 suppliers, 150 were nominated and invited to the awards ceremony.

The nominees competed for four prizes in the following categories; mechanical engineering, outfitting, interiors and accommodation and electronics.

It is quite extraordinary for a Danish company to receive a “Partner of the year” award from Meyer Werft; it has occurred only once before in 2011, when Blücher Metal Ltd won a supplier award.







General info about the price:


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