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Issues with reverbaration

In 2020, Ground Fitness opened the doors to a brand new fitness center in Odense. The new fitness center is located in the building that previously housed Fyns Bazar. The area is characterized by raw concrete walls and high ceilings – nice surroundings for training, but not so good in terms of sound and acoustics.

At Ground Fitness, they also experienced major problems with the sound, where the poor acoustics and long reverberation time created an unpleasant training environment. It was especially in the team halls that they experienced major problems with the reverberation.

We especially experienced problems in our team hall, where there was a terrible reverberation. After the wall panels have been installed, the reverberation is gone and it has made a world of difference,” says Sascha Bjerregaard, owner of Ground Fitness.

Optimizing the acoustics with DAMPA® Silent Board

From DAMPA’s side, we carried out sound measurements in the gym, where we found that a significant improvement could be created by installing acoustic wall panels in the training area and in the team rooms. By continuously making measurements throughout the installation of the wall panels, we ensured that the result was satisfactory so that the users had a pleasant training environment.

A total of 72 DAMPA® Silent Board wall panels in galvanized steel in size 600×1800 were installed, matching the raw look of the concrete and brick walls. At the same time, the tall wall panels fit well into the interior, where there are tall windows and high ceilings.

Our team hall was absolutely amazing! DAMPA came out to do measurements and has continuously visited several times. We have experienced a really good service” Sascha Bjerregaard, owner at Ground Fitness, concludes.

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