Høje-Taastrup Culture & Community House





Høje-Taastrup Culture & Community House

Høje-Taastrup Culture & Community House – A Multipurpose New Build for Learning, Cultural, Community, and Creative Activities

Høje-Taastrup Culture & Community House accommodates daycare, primary school, music school, art school, and drama school facilities.

With such a diverse range of activities, play, and creativity, the centre has specific needs. It must fulfill the desires and visions for a new build that promotes learning, playfulness, and creative expression among children and young people, while also complying with the legal requirements and recommendations for indoor climate.

Can You Hear What is Being Said?
Intelligibility is vital for comprehension and, consequently, for optimal learning. It is well-known that if you cannot hear what is being said, you lose interest.

A large room with many people talking, even if it is already equipped with a sound-absorbing ceiling, will benefit from effective wall-mounted sound absorbers. These absorbers help eliminate horizontal sound waves reflecting off close, hard walls.

The DAMPA Solution
DAMPA contributed to this award-winning project with over a hundred white-lacquered DAMPA® Silent Board and DAMPA® Silent Board Flex. All the acoustic wall panels have been strategically placed throughout the building to optimise acoustics. These acoustic wall panels in metal offer a unique combination of durability and functionality, essential in a busy school environment.

Designed to withstand daily impacts,  their robust properties ensure the panels can endure everyday challenges, creativity, and play without being damaged or requiring extensive maintenance.

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