Borgernes Hus

Achieving something extraordinary

When the Main Library in Odense was to be rebuilt into the new Citizens’ House, which contains the Main Library, Music Library, Citizen Service, etc., it was very important to the architects that it did not become boring and institution-like. With a magnificent gold facade, and a golden staircase that became known throughout the project as the Harry Potter staircase, located in the center between the various services, it should not be a problem.

When we entered the process, it was with a view to having a ceiling that could tie the pieces together, for the benefit of the architectural expression.

In addition to the aesthetics of installing a DAMPA® Lamella ceiling in gold, they could also have a number of other wishes fulfilled, such as good acoustics and built-in LED lighting.

The built-in LED light in particular resulted in great satisfaction among the architects, as a clean and uniform surface could be achieved through this.

Collaborating to create great results

Throughout the process, we have been in continuous dialogue with both the architects, engineers and installers, in order to develop the perfect solution.

Architect Dennis Storm from AI states:

“The collaboration and development process with DAMPA has been exciting. The special solution with integrated LED light is holistic, in a way that I can see used in many future projects.” he says and continues:

“We chose to work with DAMPA, as their sales department has always been good at complying with our wishes. In the process, I have experienced DAMPA as being very solution-oriented, so here you buy both a product and a skilled sparring partner.”

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