Aabenraa Hospital, Psychiatric Department





Aabenraa Hospital, Psychiatric Department

Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital is built on the basis of a philosophy of lots of natural light and contact with the surrounding nature.

DAMPA has supplied white Clip-In Tiles with a sharp edge and hidden carrier grid for the project. The sharp-edged tile gives a uniform, uninterrupted look over the entire ceiling surface. One of the advantages of using DAMPA ceilings in this type of project is that it meets all hygiene requirements in the health sector. Therefore, it can be used consistently in all rooms of the hospital, from patient rooms to operating theatres.

In addition, the ceiling can only be dismantled using a special DAMPA assembly tool, this makes it easy for the hospital’s technical staff to access overhead technical installations, while patients do not have the opportunity to remove the tiles.

Building designer Peter Houd from White Arkitekter states:

We wanted the ceiling to appear as a large, unified surface. Thanks to the hidden carrier system, the densely perforated cassettes and the white felt, the ceiling looks completely uniform…”

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