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DAMPA Silent Board acoustic wall panel in concrete building

Wall Panels Are an Experience for Both Ears and Eyes

Improve room acoustics and create a visual experience with DAMPA® Silent Board Flex.

To achieve good acoustics, it is recommended to use the walls – in fact, it is said that up to approximately 20% of the floor area should be placed on the wall as sound-absorbing material. You can do just that with the latest acoustic solution from the Funen-based company DAMPA, DAMPA® Silent Board Flex.

The solution not only enhances the room’s acoustics but also allows for playful visual expression. The sleek steel panels offer exciting design possibilities and optimise acoustics.

Freedom of Design

The acoustic solution consists of six acoustic elements, where the colour and placement of LED lights can be customised. These six elements can be arranged in various sequences, with LED lighting integrated to create intriguing effects with shadows on the slanted panels and natural material.

With DAMPA® Silent Board Flex, there is complete freedom in surface design. Let the raw steel stand out, create an ambience with the option for all RAL and NCS colours, or take advantage of digital printing possibilities.

Wall-mounted panels are a simple solution for various rooms with acoustic challenges. They are easy to integrate into new constructions as well as older settings needing acoustic improvements. Visually, there are many possibilities to adapt the panels to the room, and they can be easily hung on rails mounted on the wall.

Robust Expression in Steel

The panels are made of steel, which, with its circular properties, supports the circular economy. With the qualities of steel, you are assured of a robust solution that can withstand lively environments, such as schools or institutions. They can also serve as notice boards with magnets.

The metal surface can be wiped with a cloth, and the solution is also suitable for rooms with high hygiene requirements.

The panels are standard perforated steel with 4 mm holes covering 40% of the area, and with 40 mm mineral wool behind, they are supplied in sound absorption class A. They are available in standard sizes of 600x1500mm, 300x1500mm, and 35x1500mm.

Metal Absorbs Sound

Many do not immediately associate a hard, reflective surface like metal with acoustic solutions, but the perforated steel plate has special properties. When sound waves hit the plate, the small air pockets in the perforated holes oscillate, countered by the air behind the plate acting as a damping spring, so sound disappears – even tones that are otherwise difficult to dampen. Combined with a soft, porous acoustic felt or mineral wool behind, the perforated steel surface is an excellent acoustic solution, as the panel absorbs sound both as a porous, membrane, and resonance absorber.


This article was originally published in Byggematerialer – Read the original article here (In Danish).

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