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DAMPA Silent Board acoustic wall panel in concrete building
DAMPA Silent Board
DAMPA Silent Board close-up
DAMPA Silent Board in galvanized steel
DAMPA Silent Board in a canteen

Optimize the acoustics in any room

At DAMPA, Acoustics Are Integral to the Company’s DNA and Can Be Traced Back to Its Original Name “DÆMPA” from 1951

For the Danish metal ceiling manufacturer, ensuring good acoustics – a cornerstone of indoor climate – is always a priority and works in synergy with the unique design and sustainable properties of the metals.

No Compromises in the Basic Rules of Acoustics

When discussing acoustics, it is the reverberation time—the echo we perceive when the acoustics are not optimal—that typically sets the agenda:

No matter what room we are in, the acoustic principles remain the same. If the reverberation time is long, the acoustic environment is not optimal, and we tend to increase the volume until the room is filled with noise, making it an uncomfortable place to be.


That’s why we developed DAMPA® Silent Board, which, in absorption class A, can optimise the reverberation time in any room, regardless of the desired design expression and acoustic needs,

says Mogens Kjærgaard, Head of RD & Sustainability at DAMPA.

69 Years of Acoustic Expertise

We have been working with metal and acoustics for over 69 years, which made it natural to rethink the robustness and design properties of metals to support the indoor climate capabilities of acoustic ceilings,

says Mogens Kjærgaard, adding that it is recommended to cover the majority of the ceiling with sound-absorbing material, while adding absorbing elements to the wall equivalent to 20% of the room’s floor area.

Due to DAMPA’s extensive experience with acoustics, unique designs can be created with colours and perforation patterns in 100% recyclable steel with a long lifespan. At Nyborg Gymnasium, for example, a meteor was created using special perforation patterns.


This article was originally published on – read the article here (in Danish). 

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