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New big order to Japan


In the summer of 2013, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries began the construction of two giant cruise ships at their shipyard in Nagasaki, Japan. The vessels have been ordered by Germany’s biggest cruise company AIDA Cruises, forming a whole new generation of cruise ships, built with the latest environmental technology and with state-of-the-art layout and interior design that makes AIDA’s cruises some of the best in the world. Both ships have a capacity of 3.300 passengers and offer a luxurious holiday experience. The first ship of the new AIDA Generation, AIDAprima, will be inaugurated and put into service in 2015. From June 20, 2015, the port of Hamburg will be the start and end point for AIDAprima’s seven-day round trips to the metropolises of Western Europe. The supplier of a fireproof marine ceiling system and decorative panels for the two new magnificent vessels is the small Danish factory, DAMPA.

Around 150-200 tons of metal ceilings and panels will continuously be transported from Denmark to Japan over the next two years and a great volume of metal ceilings will be produced in Tommerup on the small island of Funen.

At the factory the management and the employees are proud of the order from Japan: – “We have known for a long time that the order was probably on the way. Today we got the final confirmation, says Michael Nykjær, CEO of DAMPA. – “We have won the contract for the supply of fireproof ceilings for the two new ships of AIDA Cruises ahead of both European and Asian competitors. It is, of course, interesting for us to expand our business horizons to working with a giant such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and it is exciting to be involved in the building of two ships that are so far ahead technologically and design-wise.

New patented technology reduces CO2 and fuel consumption

The two ships are equipped with a new, innovative technology that reduces fuel consumption and eases environmental impact. Among the features already selected for installation is the “Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System” (MALS), MHI’s proprietary technology that reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through the use of a layer of air bubbles blown from the vessel’s bottom. This technology alone is expected to reduce fuel consumption by about 7 %.
Historically, DAMPA has been used as a supplier for AIDA Cruises through Meyer Werft who has previously built seven AIDA cruise ships. Therefore, it was natural for Michael Nykjær and his team to pitch on the Japanese order: – ” From the start, we worked hard to follow up on this potential chance to become a part of the project. Here in Denmark and through our agent in Japan, we have worked on the two orders for nearly two years. Now everything is happening very fast. We started delivering our special B15 fireproof panels in May 2014.

The plan is for one of the cruise ships to be ready for use in the beginning of 2015 and the other one should be finished in Q1 2016. – “From the reports I’ve had from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, they chose us because of our service and product and a good price. Also, it has certainly played a role that we’ve been willing to share our know-how in the initial round of presentations, assisting MHI and AIDA Cruises with on-site technical assistance in building mock-ups and getting international brand approval.

I am pleased to note that our reputation runs ahead of us – even in Japan. We have extensive experience and because our products fit together like Lego blocks, they are easy to work with for the shipbuilders. This helps us to stand out in bidding rounds,” says Michael Nykjær

Plug & Play

Michael Nykjær has been the CEO of DAMPA since October 2012 and has laid out a clear strategy, combining the old company’s traditional virtues of quality, durability, millimetre precision and easy handling with innovation. DAMPA’s perfect fit is one of the main reasons why clients choose his particular metal panels. Precision means significant savings in installation time and can provide the client with great savings on operational costs in the long run. Product development is about developing hidden installations that do not disrupt the overall ceiling surface visually.
Marine ceiling systems are first and foremost about safety, installation time and price but we are continuously working with product development. Right now we are working on the visual side of the installation system, LED lighting and acoustics. That way we meet the clients’s needs and adapt to the market as it stands today” says Michael Nykjær and continuous:

In all modesty, when it comes to marine ceiling systems, we are way ahead of most competitors because we work around the client’s needs 360 degrees. Each panel is prefabricated and customized to the exact place it should be fitted. We pre-fabricate holes for fittings, sprinklers, speakers, etc. At the same time, we deliver the panels in boxes sent to the specific room and deck of the ship where this specific box of panels is to be installed. Some of our competitors deliver on huge pallets and leave it to the shipbuilders to figure out the rest. Our panels and supplies are customized so the shipbuilders just have to bend down and put up the panels with four clicks. This kind of perfect fitting can save huge amounts of time and money for a shipyard. We may not sell the cheapest panels in the market but we still end up being the supplier that offers the lowest price and the most attractive total economy.

The Japanese order gives DAMPA the security and stability needed to develop one of the world’s leading ceiling systems today even further and possibly hire new employees.
The agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries confirms that we are doing the right thing in combining the classic values of DAMPA with New DAMPA. Today is a great day in DAMPA”,
says Michael Nykjær.


Have a glimpse of the beautiful AIDAprima here.

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