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New AIDA-christening states successfull Danish-Japanese business collaboration

The commissioning of the 12th AIDA fleet member, AIDAperla, the 2nd cruise ship built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), took place on the 30th of June 2017 in Palma de Mallorca and was viewed by Thousands of cruiser enthusiasts.

The 300-meter-long and 37,6-meter-wide AIDAperla will make her first appearance in March 2018. AIDAperla is a solid statement on how international business collaborations with cultural differences can strengthen productivity, market reach, and maintain a top supplier position.

Danish full-service consultancy, flexibility, and high-end quality metal ceilings have in partnership with Japanese business culture of absolute processes, team cooperation, continuous presence and assistance created a synergy in the building of two new AIDA cruise ships. The successful partnership with Japanese MHI launches new possibilities for business ventures for the Danish supplier of metal ceiling solutions DAMPA.


”In Japan, we experienced an uncompromising demand for quality, timing, punctuality, and personal presence. The cornerstone of Japanese business practice is consensus building, therefore personal relationships are key to a successful partnership” says Michael Nykjær, CEO at DAMPA.

DAMPA staff members and the CEO personally went to meet, greet and counsel the Japanese partner regularly during the entire progress of production time. This ensured mutual trust and the customer’s high demands were met.

“At DAMPA we are known as the top supplier of the highest quality ceilings. Our counselling services allow a one-stop-shop solution. With the successful experiences from this venture, we are now stepping further in our target to amplify the DAMPA brand worldwide” says Michael Nykjær.


Innovation is key with DAMPA as they present the Hook-On self-supporting ceiling system for the Marine market. In addition to the full-service scale project including a variety of products from partners, especially the Hook-On corridor panels stand out in the B-15 rated ceilings with DCC 300 panels. With unlimited access to the above services, no additional insulation is required. 

”DAMPA has been in the European market since 1951 and we are the first-in-mind brand in suspended ceiling solutions. This adventure with our Japanese partners has developed our understanding of expectations, culture, specific design patterns and technology. Our services for MHI have cemented our statement that DAMPA supplies the ceiling system and everything around it. Besides our delivery to every part of the AIDAperla cruiser including both pax, crew and public areas, we have also contributed with project -specification, -management and -design together with advisory and logistic services” says project engineer and technical supporter, Michael Larsen.

The successful partnership with MIH stands out with a pre-delivery time of AIDAperla of three months.

Products: B-15 fire-rated ceilings, Hook-On corridor panels,  DCC200/300 panels, 190/10 Interval panels, Clip-in Tiles

– Total area of installation 20.000 m2 including pax, crew and public areas.


– AIDAprima is the name of the first cruiser of the two cruise ships built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries DAMPA delivered to and was commissioned in May 2016.

– The AIDAperla adds another cruiser to the AIDA fleet with a primary focus on the German market.

– Over 2 million Germans chose a cruise vacation last in 2016. With the forecast for 2017 being even higher the demand for cruise ships is at a all-time high.

– AIDA ships are sailing on 130 different routes with more than 250 ports worldwide.

– AIDAperla will be travelling in the Western Mediterranean. Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona are the start and end ports of the cruise.

See more pictures from AIDAPerla here.

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