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DAMPA Silent Board close-up
DAMPA Clip-In Custom Tile installed in the Mærsk Tower

Metal Creates a Class A Acoustic Experience

When thinking of metal, acoustics rarely come to mind – but this is not the case at DAMPA.

Although we can neither see nor touch acoustics, it becomes obvious when it is not optimal. If we turn up the volume, the room fills with noise and becomes unpleasant. Acoustics greatly influence our overall well-being and, importantly, our ability to concentrate, making it a key factor in the indoor climate puzzle.

By perforating the hard surface of the metal, an acoustic solution is created that combines all three types of absorbents. By utilising the metal, perforations, and the three absorbent types, DAMPA can deliver Class A, B, and C acoustic solutions, thereby tailoring the acoustics to the room’s use.

Read more about the benefits of combining acoustics and metal.

The Natural Surface of Steel

Poor acoustics can be remedied with, among other things, DAMPA® Silent Board. The wall-mounted panels can easily optimise acoustics in both existing and new projects and can be adapted to your specific design wishes and the room’s use. The panels are produced in three sizes in steel, ensuring a robust, easy-to-clean product with flexible design freedom.

The design freedom is particularly expressed in the natural metal surfaces achievable through the properties of steel, such as galvanising and gunmetal. Additionally, surfaces in all NCS and RAL colours are available, as well as digital printing.

At DAMPA, the design also comes to life through perforation patterns, which are essential in creating the acoustic absorption capability of the wall panels and reducing reverberation time in the room. The robust material ensures a product that supports the circular economy, with a long lifespan even in busy and exposed areas.

Silent Board Flex: The Latest Addition

DAMPA® Silent Board Flex is a series of acoustic wall panels consisting of six graphic elements and a light panel. With the multidimensional shapes in the raw material, light dances off the edges, providing an expressive experience. When encountering the light and shadows from one side, the dynamic and illuminated shapes are unmistakable, while from the opposite side, the emerging light breaking the surface offers a surprising experience with multiple dimensions to each acoustic panel.

With the new series of acoustic wall panels, designers and architects have the freedom to shape their expression. With the different configurations of the elements and the ability to choose from all RAL and NCS colours, there is a high degree of design freedom and the opportunity to play with shapes, light, and shadow, giving passers-by a complete design experience.


This article was originally published in Byggematerialer – read the original article here (in Danish). 

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