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DAMPA Signs Sustainable Maritime Declaration

DAMPA are pleased to support the Sustainable Maritime Interiors initiative.

This collective effort, uniting stakeholders from the maritime interiors sector, is devoted to enhancing the life cycle of passenger ship interiors.

Our firm belief in the importance of actively engaging in this initiative reflects our commitment to contributing meaningfully to the quest for a more sustainable future in the maritime sector.

The Sustainable Maritime Declaration contains 7 different points which are focused on environmental advocacy, environmental actions, and environmental future.

About the Declaration 

In mid-2022 a group of like-minded designers, specifiers and other maritime experts came together to try and change the way maritime interiors are designed, built, maintained and managed through best practices and considerate end-of-life planning. Over the following three months, the Sustainable Maritime Interiors Ambassadors debated the issues and summarised the key principles in a declaration that the entire maritime interiors community can support – a line in the sand that starts by trying to follow a series of commitments.

Det Sustainable Maritime Declaration is only the start of the journey, there is much more to accomplish in the future.

Read much more about the declaration and the seven points here.

The future depends on our actions today

At DAMPA we continuously work on improving the sustainability of our products and solutions. Steel and aluminium are heavy raw materials to extract, but when focusing on recycling, the materials can be beneficial to our planet. Once the metal is extracted, it can, with relatively few resources, be recycled repeatedly without leaving the circular cycle.

At the same time, our products have a long service life. It favours the environment by reducing resource consumption and thus the emission of CO2 and greenhouse gases.

In our work with sustainability, we thus work with a “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle”-approach.

Read more about our work with sustainability here.

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