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Copenhagen, CPH Airport. Clip-in Tile bevelled edge ceiling.
Copenhagen airport - Clip-in bevelled edge


Good acoustics, correct lighting and temperature and fresh air are essential for a pleasant travel experience.


No place are these demands more evident than at Copenhagen Airports, where DAMPA has been a cornerstone of their functionel ceiling designs since the 1960ies.


No place else have we been more successful in working with our customer and their advisors in combining the values of durability and easy maintenance with the creation of great ceiling designs to underline the high standards of this world class airport.


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Ever since DAMPA was chosen for Arne Jacobsen’s legenday and iconic SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in the late 1950ies DAMPA acoustic metal ceilings have been installed in noumerous hotels around the world.

The metal surface is very easy to maintain and can be effectively cleaned thus securing good hygiene. The long life time of our ceilings does not just mean that they stay looking good for years until they are taken Down for recycling, it is a deciding factor in protecting your investment and taking care of the environment.


The wide range of DAMPA standard and special ceiling solutions ensure that you can always find the optimal solution in terms of design, functionality and quality for your hotel project.


Explore and be inspired by our Copenhagen Airports and other Transportation and hotel related references below.


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Transport Brochure

Download Transport Brochure

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Reference - DAMPA metal ceilings are elegant, precise, and resilient. Over the decades DAMPA has produced and delivered quality metal ceilings to airports, train stations, bus terminals, regional transport hubs hotels and other building projects within the transport and hotel sector.

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