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Seamless surface

DAMPA® Panels present panels with concealed or open ceiling solutions, both bring a modern and timeless ceiling appearance.


The concealed DAMPA® 10/100/200/300 metal ceiling solution fits the same type of modular carrier system, which presents the opportunity of various individual designs and combinations.

The units are part of a complete ceiling system with concealed suspension suitable for both flat and curved surfaces. All types are clipped on from below without the use of tools and each unit can be removed and reinstated individually.


DAMPA® Interval Panels are complete open ceiling systems, designed with special suspension system. The open gap between each element can be adjusted to customer choice, and creates a wide range of design and functional options.


With DAMPA metal ceiling panels we provide the design options and performance features you desire in a high quality and in a vast range of colours and finishes. Create a clean, monolithic timeless look of unperforated steel or choose a perforated ceiling pattern both presenting an attractive modern look.

Lisbeth Munk Jensen, Customer Support

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Lisbeth Munk Jensen

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(+45) 63 76 13 01lmj@dampa.dk

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