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Acoustic Control with DAMPA Ceilings

DAMPA suspended metal ceilings ensure an exceptional acoustic environment, adjustable to varying demands on reverberation times and sound distribution.


The ceilings are the optimal solution for crowded areas where a low noise-level afford visitors a pleasant atmosphere.


Metal ceilings are compatible with integrated ventilation, sprinklers and the new generations of LED lighting.


The ceilings are the optimal solution for crowded areas where a low noise-level is essential for effective communication.


The lifespan of DAMPA metal ceilings are exceptionally long. Fast installation and disassembling and easy cleaning and maintenance of the ceilings and lead to excellent hygiene and low long term running costs.



Close cooperation with leading manufacturers results
in a wide range of build-in components compatible with DAMPA ceilings.


DAMPA ceilings are elegant, precise, and resilient. Over the decades DAMPA has produced and delivered quality metal ceilings for sports and educational facilities.


Browse selected showcases below and get inspiration for your future building.



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Download Education Brochure (danish only)

Education Brochure

Download Education Brochure (danish only)

Dont hesitate to contact us at DAMPA

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Dont hesitate to contact us at DAMPA

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Lisbeth Munk Jensen

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