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Excellent Work Environment with DAMPA Ceilings

DAMPA’s metal ceilings provide excellent acoustics and can be tailored to meet customer specific requirements for acoustic quality suitable for offices.


They are ideal for rooms intended for high levels of concentration while also allowing for needed communication to get across.


Most DAMPA acoustic ceiling solutions are suitable for the retail segment. Light spots, loudspeakers and climate control are easy to integrate and the ceilings are hygienic and long lasting.


Metal’s inherent flexibility means that the sky is the limit for your ceiling design. Whether you are working in steel or aluminium, there is an endless array of options available to improve the shopping atmosphere from the ceiling.


The DAMPA product program include both open and concealed suspended ceiling grids in standard module dimensions. Various painted or laminated surfaces open up an endless number of possibilities to complete your room design with the right ceiling look.


The many  possibilities to integrate appropriate lighting and even climate control make DAMPA the ideal ceiling solution for ensuring a pleasant work environment in the modern office.

Read more about indoor climate here


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Domicile & Trade Brochure

Download Domicile & Trade Brochure

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Dont hesitate to contact us at DAMPA

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References - DAMPA’s metal ceilings provide unrivalled acoustics and can be tailored to meet customer-specific requirements for acoustic quality suitable for Offices.

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