Indoor Climate
CPH Airport, Terminal 2, Planostile Clip-In Clip-In (200x1200), white acoustic felt, Perforeret around the edge.

Indoor climate and well-being

DAMPA metal ceilings are synonym for indoor climate and well-being in the room.

The notion of indoor climate entail various aspects, which are directly or indirectly interdependent with metal ceilings and integration features.


Noise and acoustics

Obtain optimal acoustics and reduction of noise, by implementing DAMPA perforated metal ceilings and wall solutions. The solutions create the right circumstances to accommodate the recommended levels of reverberation time and room acoustics in general.


Heat, cooling and draft

It is often a challenge to obtain the optimal indoor climate in terms of thermal environment and unwanted draft in offices and other work environment.

Metal ceiling present the opportunity to optimise the indoor climate with various integrated solution possibilities, fx. Climate Ceilings.

Climate Ceilings leverage in the exceptional thermal feature of metal, which enables radiated heat or cooling. This result in noticeable reduction of air infusion needed for conventional heating.



The notion of “Form Follows Function” is a central aspect of DAMPA solutions. The aesthetics in “form” create beautiful design, and the integrated “function” make way for well-being through optimal ceiling solutions.


Well-being in the room is not only pleasant, but also optimise efficiency for workers in offices and other work environment. Optimal indoor environment is the instrument for achieving well-being in the room, which is a harmonic jet intelligent room with concealed technical installations and other disturbing room attributes.


Air quality

Office environments have the need for ventilation and change of air in the room.IN this regard, there is several integrated solutions to implement ventilation and obtain optimal indoor climate.

By making use of diffuse ventilation injecting the air into the room through a large distribution area, it minimises unwanted draft in the room noticeably. Diffuse ventilation can be customised to accommodate individual needs, by altering perforation size and the extend of the open area of the ceiling.



Many studies operate and cast light on the issue of indoor climate and workers perceived well-being in the working place. In this case, the impact of access to sunlight versus artificial light.

DAMPA painted surface contribute to distribution of sunlight, as well as artificial light in the room, where we have well-tried light fitting solutions developed in corporation with our partners. Find inspiration at our reference pages.



All DAMPA metal ceiling and wall solutions with painted surfaces are resilient and can easily be cleaned with soap and cleaning detergents.


View our recommendations and instructions on maintenance of DAMPA metal ceilings


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Read about our DAMPA Climate Ceiling Solutions and improve Indoor Climate

Climate Ceilings

Read about our DAMPA Climate Ceiling Solutions and improve Indoor Climate

Improve interior climate with integrated solutions

Integrated solutions

Improve interior climate with integrated solutions

Explore perforation sizes & patterns


Explore perforation sizes & patterns

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