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DAMPA Climate ceiling installed at Sund og Bælt
DAMPA ceiling installed at Sund og Bælt
DAMPA ceiling installed at Sund og Bælt

Optimal and healthy indoor climate achieved from the ceilings

Achieving a good and energy-efficient indoor climate can be accomplished through ceilings. At Sund og Bælt, we delivered an energy-friendly solution that meets the 2020 requirements.

There is significant added value in renovation investments when older spaces are upgraded with ceilings that regulate the indoor climate. This not only prevents draughts and large temperature fluctuations but also provides an energy-efficient solution that meets the 2020 requirements.

Indoor climate is a priority for many private and public organisations facing renovations. Ensuring a healthy work environment is essential, with studies showing numerous benefits from upgrading interiors focusing on lighting, daylight, ventilation, and temperature control.

Significant Energy Savings

This is one of the main reasons why climate-regulating ceilings, popular in Germany for decades, are now widely adopted in Denmark, says Per Andersen, a partner at TechoKlima A/S, a company that calculates, sells, and designs cooling/heating elements for these ceilings.

–With a climate ceiling, users avoid draughts and cold air descent, as well as large temperature differences throughout the day. This ensures a stable and healthy indoor climate, and the solution is very reliable and maintenance-free.

Good energy savings can also be achieved by integrating a climate ceiling into indoor climate solutions, as it often significantly reduces the need for ventilation since the system no longer has to handle the entire cooling requirement.

Uniform Ceiling Appearance

TechoKlima A/S collaborates closely with ceiling manufacturer DAMPA on Climate Ceilings, used at Viborg Hospital, Copenhagen Airport Kastrup, and Sund & Bælt’s headquarters in Copenhagen. In the latter project, DAMPA Clip-In Cassette and Panel ceilings with integrated cooling/heating elements were used on most building floors. This solution ensures comfortable climate regulation and provides a uniform, simple, and calm ceiling surface.

Renovation consultant for the reception areas, Benjamin Ebbe, a partner at Arkitektgården ApS, explains:

The idea behind Climate Ceilings is to utilise the room’s air circulation so that the cold from the ceiling causes the warm air to settle, achieving the right temperature without the draughts and noise associated with ventilation.

No Room Type Limitations

DAMPA experiences increasing demand for its climate ceilings, available as Clip-In cassettes and Hook-On panels, with cooling/heating elements integrated into most of DAMPA’s ceilings.

Both the Clip-In cassette and Hook-On panel ceilings provide quick and easy access to underlying technical installations, allowing easy maintenance. Both ceiling types also meet long-term energy requirements of the 2020 building class.

Architects and consultants generally emphasise the environmental aspect, with climate ceilings being a long-term investment that helps buildings meet energy requirements for many years. Additionally, the absence of radiators frees up space

explains Morten Lagoni, DAMPA’s technical manager.

The ceilings can also be customised to the room’s design, accommodating angles beyond 90 degrees. They represent an investment in a good and healthy indoor climate, regardless of the specific functions the rooms need to support. There are no limitations on room types, he concludes.


This article was originally published in Bygge- og Anlægsavisen. Find the article here (in Danish)

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