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DAMPA Silent Board close-up

Metal – the Circular Choice All Around

Recycling and waste elimination are essential when discussing circularity and sustainability. Therefore, we are proud that all our acoustic solutions are produced in metal, a part of the circular economy.

Metal ceiling manufacturer DAMPA focuses on leveraging the unique circular properties of metals through credibility, documentation, and strong partnerships to contribute to a greener construction industry.

Michael Nykjær, CEO of DAMPA, explains:

Metal provides a unique opportunity to eliminate waste. Due to the properties of metals, our ceilings have a documented lifespan of at least 50 years. Furthermore, there is minimal risk of the ceiling being damaged and its aesthetics ruined throughout its lifespan due to the robustness of metals.

Strong Partnerships

Although metal is initially a resource-intensive material to extract, there are important sustainable gains to be made and it is a crucial component in a greener construction industry:

When a ton of steel is recycled, 50% of energy and a ton of CO2 are saved without losing the mechanical properties of the metal. This way, metals can be used again and again without compromising on quality.

Recycling is therefore essential at DAMPA, which is why they also focus on optimizing internal processes and flexibility through strong partnerships, Michael explains:

All metal that comes through our doors either becomes a finished product or is sent for recycling through our partner H.J Hansen, who ensures that the metal remains in a circular loop.

Before the company reaches that point, suppliers of raw materials are also an important part of the value chain. For example, all the company’s steel comes from a Scandinavian company that, like DAMPA itself, has EPDs and targeted sustainability ambitions. This way, sustainable documentation remains the focus based on metals’ unique properties.

We are privileged to work with metal each time we produce a ceiling or wall solution. It is a resource we will not run out of, as long as we treat it with respect – whether it’s soda cans or metal ceilings. As long as we do not discard it, but ensure recycling, resources can be used far into the future while contributing to the sustainable agenda.

Michael concludes.

Read more about DAMPA’s sustainable work.


This article was originally published at – read the article here (In Danish).

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