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DAMPA Clip-In Tiles with digital print
DAMPA Silent Board acoustic wall panel with digital print
DAMPA Silent Board close-up

Let Acoustics and Design Go Hand in Hand

Transform good acoustics into a design experience through the possibilities of metals. Highlight natural materials, create an atmosphere in the room through colours, or craft your unique expression using digital prints.

We know that acoustics are crucial for a good indoor climate, but although we cannot see or touch acoustics directly, they are visually evident everywhere we go. Acoustic elements need to be integrated into the interior design, ensuring they enhance the room’s well-being and create a balance between functionality and design, making the space not only sound good but also aesthetically pleasing.

Invisible acoustics thus play a key role in the overall indoor climate puzzle and are not as invisible as we might think.

Play with Natural Materials

It’s not often that one associates acoustics with metal, but the Danish company DAMPA, which has been producing acoustic solutions for ceilings and walls in metal since 1951, is changing this perception.

By perforating the hard surface of metal, an acoustic solution is created that combines all three types of absorbers. Utilizing metal, DAMPA delivers acoustic solutions in classes A, B, and C, thereby tailoring the acoustics to the room’s use.

The properties of metals also offer exceptional design freedom, as Lone Rold, Project and Architect Consultant at DAMPA, explains:

Metal is a natural material with a unique expression. I am repeatedly impressed by the material’s ability to capture and reflect daylight on its natural surface, creating an unparalleled design experience. Additionally, the material is excellent at creating atmosphere in rooms, as all RAL and NCS colours can be vividly reproduced on the surface, or you can exploit the many possibilities of digital printing to create artworks, wayfinding, poppy fields—truly, only the imagination sets the limits.

Moreover, the robust properties of metals ensure that the solutions have a long lifespan and are ideal even for busy and exposed areas.

Acoustic Solutions for Ceilings and Walls in Metal

Since 1951, DAMPA has produced metal acoustic solutions at their factory in Tommerup. Initially focused on acoustic ceilings, the company has expanded its range in recent years to include acoustic solutions for walls. The wall panels DAMPA® Silent Board and DAMPA® Silent Board Flex are developed based on over 70 years of design history and acoustic expertise:

Given our history, it was natural to rethink the robustness and design features of metals to support the indoor climate potential of acoustic ceilings,

elaborates Mogens Kjærgaard, who has been part of DAMPA’s development for over 30 years, including as product manager. He explains that it is recommended that most of the ceiling is covered with sound-absorbing material, while also adding absorbing elements to the wall corresponding to about 20% of the room’s floor area.

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