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Pink DAMPA Lamella ceiling

Focus on the Design of the Fifth Wall for Better Wellbeing

DAMPA emphasizes the design of the fifth wall, encouraging the use of the large ceiling surface as an active element in design and interior decoration through colours, textures, and digital prints.

The fifth wall is an increasingly familiar concept among architects and designers. Using the horizontal ceiling surface on par with the walls offers unique opportunities to create spaces that not only delight the eyes but also enhance the well-being of their occupants. Several examples, particularly in modern healthcare facilities, have documented how healing architecture involving light, sound, views, colours, and art supports patient recovery and also promotes a positive environment for staff.

“If you integrate the ceiling as an active part of the interior design, there are endless possibilities to create fantastic spaces,” says Lone Rold, architect and project consultant at DAMPA.

Since 1951, the ceiling manufacturer has ensured quality, functionality, and aesthetics in numerous construction projects such as the SAS Royal Hotel, the Opera House, Krystallen, Vestas Headquarters, and university hospitals in Aarhus, Aalborg, and Odense.

“We find that many architects want to use more colours, and in recent years we have received many requests for colours other than the traditional white, beige, and grey. After 15 years with white ceilings, they need something new,” says Lone Rold.

Texture You Can Feel

‘There are several ways to influence the perception of the ceiling. One way is by adding texture, and DAMPA’s ceilings achieve this through features like raw metal surfaces, varying oxidized steel, or burnt aluminium.

Textures can also include micro-perforations that are barely noticeable or larger perforations that clearly display the textured pattern.

Read more about the various design options here.

Interesting Without Being ‘Noisy’

Another way to affect the ceiling’s appearance is through shapes and graphic elements. For example, DAMPA® Lamel adds significant visual interest. The slats can be positioned in different areas angled against each other, making the ceiling interesting without being too ‘noisy’ in its expression.

DAMPA® Lamel can also be used to create depth, either with wide or narrow intervals between the slats, or with slats of varying heights, making it possible to mimic waves, curves, or hilltops on the ceiling.

A Healthy and Comfortable Indoor Environment

Whether we are at home, at work, in institutions, restaurants, or hospitals, the indoor climate is important.

To have a good and healthy indoor climate, the temperature must be right, the air quality must be good, and both light and acoustics must be adapted to the room’s use.

DAMPA® Climate Ceiling forms the basis for a healthy, clean, and comfortable indoor environment and functions perfectly as an indoor temperature control system. Additionally, it reduces air circulation, minimizing bacterial spread and the risk of disease transmission. Furthermore, installations in a DAMPA® Climate Ceiling are hidden above the ceiling elements, providing a calm and minimalist design.

Sound for Focus, Conversation, and Reflection

Crucial to creating a comfortable, functional space for focus, conversation, and reflection is, of course, acoustics.

In workspaces, excess noise leads to lower performance and poor concentration. In classrooms, acoustics determine whether students can hear, understand their lessons, focus, and learn.

DAMPA’s acoustic metal ceilings ensure an exceptional acoustic environment. The combination of metal, perforation, and acoustic felt absorbs noise and reduces reverberation, creating an optimal and pleasant space to be in.

Mimics Nature’s Light and Shadows

For many years, Danish work environments have been bathed in uniform and uninspiring light. DAMPA has now addressed this issue. In collaboration with lighting manufacturer LIK Lighting, product developer Erik Padkjær, and architect and designer Lars Vejen, they have designed the ceiling system DOT, an aesthetic and modular light and acoustic solution.

By mimicking nature’s light and shadows, varied and inspiring lighting is created while focusing on acoustics, positively impacting our well-being and productivity.

EPD Documentation and 100% Recycling

DAMPA continuously works to deliver more sustainable products for both the environment and human well-being. Therefore, regenerative design is integrated into all production and construction processes.

As a climate-conscious partner, all of DAMPA’s ceiling solutions are covered by EPDs and contribute to large environmentally certified buildings.

DAMPA also continuously optimizes and develops its solutions and production processes to reduce material consumption and minimize waste.

All surplus material from DAMPA’s factory is source-sorted and recycled, and all acoustic solutions can be recycled after use.

Read more about DAMPA’s sustainability efforts here.

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