About the cruise
With a capacity for approximately 5,200 passengers, P&O Arvia sets the scene for unforgettable voyages around the world. On board, the passengers can indulge in a plethora of leisure and sporting activities as well as dining options that cater to varied preferences.

Furthermore, guests can relish breathtaking panoramic views across three decks from the glazed atrium.

About the DAMPA solution
For the cruise ship, a wide range of DAMPA products have been applied. In total approximately 37.000 sq meters of DAMPA ceilings have been installed on the ship across both crew and public areas.

Thus a combination of B- and C-class ceilings have been installed. You’ll find a variation of decorative ceilings, including DAMPA® 190/10 interval panels in corridors and restaurants such as Sindhu. DAMPA® Clip-In has also been used in a variation of public areas such as the gym and 6th Street Diner. Both the solutions have an open grove in the carrier above.

Furthermore, our B-class ceilings DAMPA® DCC and DAMPA® Hook-On have been installed in various crew areas and corridors. The ceilings ensure safety on board in accordance with maritime regulations while creating a calm atmosphere.

Furthermore, DAMPA® E-panels have been installed in corridors to ensure a pleasant entryway for the cabins.

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