Harmony of the Seas

About the cruise

Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas is an Oasis-class cruise ship, built by STX France.


The adventurous cruise ship can accommodate up to 5,479 guests and has a wide variety of restaurants and other amenities, including, among other attractions, an impressive zip-line.


About the DAMPA solution

DAMPA® Clip-In Tiles can be found on board in multiple restaurants, the casino and the entrance. In the entrance, the Clip-In tiles are installed as DAMPA Rainfall, a diffuse ventilation system that distributes air evenly through the ceiling. DAMPA Rainfall ensures an even flow of fresh air, while minimizing draught problems.


Besides DAMPA® Clip-In Tiles, DAMPA® 10/100/200/300 Panels are installed in the Asian restaurant, Izumi.

American Icon Grill Restaurant Harmony of the Seas
American Icon Grill Restaurant entrance Harmony of the Seas
Silk Restaurant Harmony of the Seas

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