DCC 200/300

Excellent Fire Rates is your Safety

The B-15 fire rated ceiling system DAMPA DCC 200/300 consists of linear ceiling panels in a standard modular width of 300 mm. By use of only a few basic components a functional and aesthetically pleasing ceiling can be designed to suit a range of applications and areas.


The DCC 200/300 ceiling panels are made from stove-enamelled 0.6/0.5 mm galvanised steel respectively.


The panels can be supplied perforated or plain, and in any specified length, from 600 to 5000 mm as standard.


Lengths less than 600, and up to 6000 mm can be made to order. All panels are 26 mm deep and are supplied with end closings and 25 mm mineral wool inlay as standard.


Room-to-room sound reduction of 41 dB – 44 dB depending on type of insulation inlay, and from 46 dB – 50 dB depending on type of additional insulation overlay .


The DAMPA DCC 200/300 Ceiling System has, with only minor modification of the Basic Installation Principle, been successfully tested with g forces up to 175 by the Danish and US Navies.


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Explore selected references in the Marine sector


Explore selected references in the Marine sector

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All downloads available here

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Services & Logistics

Read more about services & logistics.

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Lars Stokholm

Area Sales Manager, Marine


(+45) 29 10 93 38lst@dampa.dk

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