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Technical Director at DAMPA

Technical Director at DAMPA

The appointment of a new Technical Director at DAMPA will ensure internal optimisation, so DAMPA is ready for the next step.

DAMPA is happy to welcome Michael Rasch Grønbech, who has started as Technical Director.

Michael Grønbech brings a huge experience within the Danish construction industry. He is trained as a carpenter and constructing architect. Michael has for 15 years been a part of HusCompagniet, and most recently Technical Director at VICA Denmark.

- DAMPA has been an incredibly exciting company to join. People have welcomed me and have made it very easy to go from the wood industry to metal. There are several colleagues who have 20 to 30 years of experience, and they have all been incredibly good at explaining and answering all of my questions, and at the same time, there has also been a great interest in listening to my experiences and ideas.

- There is a DAMPA spirit that permeates the company. Everybody wants to succeed and is not afraid to put in the extra effort needed to succeed. That is impressive! Says Michael Grønbech.

Increasing demand

There is also a great joy to be found in the Managing Director Michael Nykjær, who has been looking forward to Michael Grønbech’s start at DAMPA:

- we have worked hard to make all ends meet. It is therefore with great pleasure, that we have welcomed Michael. This new addition to Dream Team DAMPA will ensure, that in the future we can also follow the sales activities and ensure our customers the good experience, that DAMPA has been known for since 1951.  

As Technical Director, Michael Grønbech will work with internal optimisation, both in relation to production, project management, planning, logistics, and much more, which all will ensure, that DAMPA can keep up with the growth and demand that is being experienced.

Climate-friendly aluminium

The appointment of a Technical Director will also help to free up existing forces in the company, which will, among other things, be used to put an even greater focus on the green transition, towards which DAMPA has already taken the first steps.

DAMPA can now offer their aluminium ceilings in a greener solution, which has a 69 % lower CO2 emission.

- now we can offer a solution based on “Post Consumer Aluminium”, an even greener solution. By using aluminium, which consists of 75 % recycled material, the CO2 footprint is lowered by 69 %. We are looking forward to starting production with the “new” aluminium, and this delivering more sustainable solutions to both the building and marine industry” says Mogens Kjærgaard, Product Manager at DAMPA.

Read more about the new green aluminium here.

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