Scenic Eclipse


Scenic Luxury Cruises

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  • DCC Panels
    Areas: Cabins, Spa Suite, Owners Penthouse Suite
    Areas: Lounge, Yoga lounge, Gym, Elements Wine Bar, Discovery Centre

Scenic Eclipse

Scenic Eclipse is the very first ship in its class, setting the bare extremely high for future ships to come. It’s a true luxury discovery yacht, with both helicopter and submarine to explore nature, wherever it goes.

The Luxury theme is also apparent in the interior design, and the yacht is outfitted with the very best of materials. DAMPA has supplied a variety of different ceilings, in trendy surfaces and colors.

For the cabins and suites the ceilongs consist of DAMPA DCC 5000-0, a DCC panel with no grove between the panels.

For the public areas we have supplied a variety of Planostile Clip-in tiles. E.g. for the spa area we have produced a 3000×600 tile with a corroded surface in tune with the trend of using natural surfaces.


Scenic Eclipse


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