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  • working together makes us stronger – and better

We focus on what we do best

DAMPA believe in specialization and focus on what we do best. By collaborating with capable partners, we gain from what they do best. That creates synergy and this is the main reason why DAMPA can deliver best-in-class solutions regardless of the challenges our customers present us. 


We meet challenges “the DAMPA way”. DAMPA is a member and part of the Metal Colour Group, which has more than 40 years of experience in coating and laminating steel and aluminium. Jointly we provide a wide range of decorative coating options such as polyester and other coating systems as well as lamination of foils and fabrics for applications where special design or functional features are required. The combination of DAMPA and Metal colour provides you with the widest range of options and the deepest knowledge of coating techniques found anywhere in the industry.

Light integration partners

By collaborating with capable lighting manufactures we all gain from the best expertise available.


Our partners manufacture light integration fittings designed specifically for DAMPA ceilings thus optimising the effectiveness of the lighting while ensuring that it looks good.


We only work with qualified manufactures and light fitting designers, who live up to the high standards demanded by DAMPA and our customers.

Danmind LED solutions are especially designed for easy replacement of conventional lighting in our DAMPA® Clip-In & DAMPA® Lay-In ceiling systems, to provide a significant cut in energy usage, with design advantages and a pleasant, and flicker-free light.

For more info about Danmind, please visit

Together with Architect and Designer Lars Vejen and Product Developer Erik Padkjær, DAMPA and LIK have developed a ceiling- and light system, which improves the general well-being through great acoustic, design and light.

Read more about the DOT-solution here.

For more info about LIK Lighting, please visit

For DAMPA, System-One has designed the solution Rekta30 for integration in DAMPA® Lamellas; a solution which comes with a streak of benefits.

System One ensures that the luminaire perfectly matches the colour of the ceiling. System One also offers built-in lighting control, so you do not need to mount a sensor for the lighting on the beautiful ceiling.

For more info about System One, please visit

In collaboration between Fagerhult, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Design and DAMPA, the RAY light fitting is developed to fit DAMPA® Lamella. The design had its origin in the thought of an extremely minimalistic and subtle design, fully integrated into the Lamellas and only visible when lights are switched on.

Furthermore, Fagerhult has developed other light fittings designed to fit in a variation of our ceiling solutions.

For more info about Fagerhult, please visit

The DiLED Tunable White among other light-fitting solutions was developed and designed to fit DAMPA metal ceilings. These are innovative and energy-efficient LED lightings, which are suitable for increased quality demand for the buildings of the future.

For more info about SG Armaturen, please visit

Luminex LEDGO LED lighting is developed to fit DAMPA® Clip-In Tiles elegantly and simply. The light fittings are produced in the same RAL colours, which entail a coherent ceiling look.

For more info about Luminex, please visit

Teamtronic produces and delivers lighting fixtures that can be elegantly integrated into ceiling solutions such as DAMPA® Hook-On. They focus on design, flexibility, intuitive installation and energy-efficient solutions.

For more info about Teamtronic, please visit

Indoor climate partner

At DAMPA we believe in focusing on what we do best and joining forces with the best. DAMPA and TechoKlima have joint forces in developing the Climate Ceiling solution. The Climate Ceiling solution make way for adding function to the seamless design DAMPA is known for.

View the brouchure for Cooling/Heating systems from TechnoKlima here (danish only)

View technical information on Climate Ceiling here (danish only)




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