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13.04.23 Acoustic - Knowledge Center
How to create a good acoustic environment
Acoustics have a great impact on our everyday lives. But how do you create suitable acoustics? And can you create a room with too much acoustics and thereby the risk of creating a bad acoustic environment? We will take a closer look at these questions in this article.
23.11.22 Marine
Meet us at Cruise Ship Interior Expo in London
We are delighted to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe.
20.09.22 Ikke kategoriseret
Technical Director at DAMPA
The appointment of a new Technical Director at DAMPA will ensure internal optimisation, so DAMPA is ready for the next step on its journey.
02.09.22 Design
Meet us at Architect@Work Copenhagen
Experience DAMPA's innovative acoustic wall solutions at Architect@Work Copenhagen.
16.08.22 Marine
Meet us at SMM Hamburg
Come meet us when we exhibit in the Pavilion of Denmark during SMM Hamburg 2022.
10.05.22 Marine - Sustainability
Metal ceiling solutions produced in climate-friendly aluminum
DAMPA, the Danish manufacturer of metal ceiling systems is accelerating their sustainable initiatives, which means, among other things, a completely new aluminum that has 69 % lower CO2 emission.
04.03.22 Indoor environment - Knowledge Center
Seven reasons to choose a climate ceiling
A good indoor environment is more important now than ever before. Several studies show that a bad indoor environment has an impact on productivity, sickness absence, and on the bottom line.
08.02.22 Acoustic - Design
Metal creates good acoustics and new design opportunities
DAMPA’s acoustic wall and ceiling solutions can be delivered in absorption class A, B and C, has a lifespan of more than 50 years, and can be reused for new purposes after end original use.
07.02.22 Acoustic
Great acoustics with aesthetic and green ambitions
Acoustics are an essential part of a good indoor environment. It influences our health, concentration, and general wellbeing.
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